Mexican Transcultural in Nursing Article

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Mexican Transcultural in Nursing

Mexican Trans-cultural in Nursing

Mexicans are naturally cheerful and are deeply in love with partying. They are deeply and exceedingly passionate about music, dance, good drinks, and good food. Hospitable, welcoming and warm, Mexicans are passionate about helping foreigners who visit their country. They believe in using all means to communicate with foreigners including gestures and signs. Foreigners living in Mexico are often asked to give their opinions about the Mexican culture. The pattern of response appears to be polite and superficial with words such as "I love it." Mexicans are friendly in nature and are exposed on how they should enjoy most of the things, which others take for granted. They have a tendency of using higher learning responses, which are perfectly meaningful (Klee et al., 2012).

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The family is the central nerve of the Mexican society; here the typical Mexican eye is evident whereby the male treats his mother with immense respect. The male is obliged to take good care of the honors entitled to his sisters, but he is not expected to give similar treatment to other women outside the family. Many Mexican families live precisely with this reality especially for lower family class, those with no education, and those below the social scale. Nevertheless, a battery of professional women and men who have embraced the modern customs and standards is increasingly inhibiting the society of Mexico. This has been shaping the social configuration and new order, especially in the larger societies. In 2007, this modernity was the reckoning force behind the approval and legalization of the abortion practice in the capital town (Lee & Brysiewicz, 2009).

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The health facility of Mexico has been divided between private and public facilities with the private facilities being only affordable to the higher class. The government facilities serve the overwhelming majority populations. Most Mexican foods are made from beans, chilies, corn, and salsa. Basic healthcare facilities are centered in the rural areas. The government of Mexico spends approximately $12 billion on healthcare provision. Majority of the doctors working in government healthcare institutions also operate their personal clinics of private consultations (Raingruber et al., 2010).

Ordinary citizens of Mexico often discuss health, medicine, and sickness and are knowledgeable about self-treatment. Commercial pharmacies have enabled Mexicans to purchase most medicines freely; Mexicans have developed a tendency of consuming considerable quantities of unprescribed medicine. Additionally, there is a battery of healthcare providers serving regular a clientele. Local markets provide niches for herbalists. Healers believe in the use of medicinal plants and other indigenous curing procedures. Spiritual healers believe that they are the first religious practitioners and alternative healthcare providers follow. In general, terms, Mexicans believe in a fundamental consistency between physicians and folk healthcare providers (Klee et al., 2012).

In Mexico, the dominant religion is Roman Catholicism. After the Spanish conquest, the indigenous people of Mexico were ready to embrace the practices and beliefs of based on the religious beliefs of the pre-Hispanic people. For instance, they have associated Mary mother of Jesus… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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