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¶ … MGM Grand Casino opened in 1993 after ground was broken in late 1991 on the former site of the Marina Hotel and Tropicana Country Club, two properties MGM CEO and Chainman of the Board Kirk Kerkorian purchased in the late 1980s (MGM Resorts International, 2013). One of the primary motivations for MGM Corporation to create an entirely new hotel in Las Vegas was to rebrand and redefine the customer experience, including redefining safety from literally the ground up with the new properties (Sprecher, Pertl, 1988). The MGM Grand fire that occurred on November 21, 1980 was the worst disaster in the history of Nevada, the third worst in the history of the Untied States and left 85 people dead when it was over, primarily from smoke inhalation (Sprecher, Pertl, 1988). The present site of Bally's on the Las Vegas Strip is where the MGM Grand was originally located when the fire occurred. CEO and Chairman of the Board Kirk Kerkorian chose to completely start over with one of the country's largest casinos and report complexes ever built, all beyond the safety standards that the state of Nevada quickly passed after the MGM Grand Fire (Sprecher, Pertl, 1988).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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The present MGM Grand Casino today is located on 6.6 acres, has 6,852 rooms and a total gaming space of 171,500 square feet (MGM Resorts International, 2013). There are 2,500 gaming machines in the property and 139 poker and table games (MGM Resorts International, 2013). MGM Corporation specifically stated they wanted to create a state-of-the-art casino experience with the MGM Grand Casino. To accomplish this the company created five outdoor pools, rivers and waterfalls, a total of 19 restaurants and a food court and a small shopping center located across the lower floors. The Lion Habitat, Broadway-style show Tabu, world-class nightclub Studio54 and the CSI: The Experience are all designed to capitalize on the legacy of entertainment that the MGM Corporation has from decades of operating one of the most successful entertainment franchises globally (MGM Resorts International, 2013). MGM Grand Resorts refuses to become complacent with their casino strategy as well, financing expansions and continued development in 1996, 2002, 2005 and 2012 to stay ahead of competitors The Venetian, Mandalay Bay and Paris hotels (MGM Resorts International, 2013).

History of MGM Grand

Ground was first broken in October, 1990 and the grand opening was on December 18, 1993. Since the opening of the MGM Grand Casino there have been three major expansion phases in 1996, 2002 and 2012. The following table provides an analysis of each of the significant events in the casino's history, culminating with the grand renovation that was completed in 2012. The initial phases of these significant events where designed to move away from The Emerald City and Oz themes to a more Art Deco and classical Hollywood decor (MGM Resorts International, 2013). MGM Corporation wanted to also retrofit and refurbish the Marina Hotel (which had just been rebranded to MGM Grand with little external modification) to also reflect their shift in strategy away form the Wizard of Oz to a more customer-experience driven approach to marketing the casino and hotel (Reimann, 1993). The following table provides an analysis of the major phases of the casino's history over time.

Comparison of MGM Grand Casino Phases and Refurbishments


Additions or Changes to Resort



Extensive refurbishments to reposition the MGM Grand Casino away from The Emerald City and Oz Casino to a more classical entertainment venue concept. Included the demolishing of the Emerald City Gift Shop and the development of subterranean shopping center; also included the redesign of the front entrance.

Extensive remodeling and minimal increases in square footage -- repositioning away from The Emerald City and Oz Themes to classic Hollywood.



Continued renovations to Art Deco Style which provided to be very popular with a more mature, higher-income audience were completed (MGM Resorts International, 2013).

MGM also initiated "City of Entertainment" market direction, which was highly successful as it supported the company's new direction of "Maximum Vegas."

This was a very significant shift in strategy for MGM Grand Casino as they moved away from fantasy themes to a solid customer experience-based strategy.

During this time period, MGM Grand was also the first to move to having a check-in at the airport to further streamline the customer experience. It was exceptionally successful in generating high levels of customer satisfaction and is in operating today (MGM Resorts International, 2013).



"West Wing" Renovation of the original Marina Hotel; included the redesign of 5,000 room and inclusion of ten restaurants (MGM Resorts International, 2013).



State-of-the-art makeover to bring the hotel into the 21st century, this renovation added the following to the MGM Grand Casino:

Lion Habitat is gone and a 75K square foot restaurant replaced it

Mansion Lodging

Skylofts improved and expanded; state-of-the-art penthouses

Studio54 and Crazy Horse Theatre have been removed to make room for more timely entertainment venues

Extensive suite makeovers with flat screen TVs, terraces overlooking the strip;

Strong elegance theme with 270 degree views of the strip

New website:

MGM Grand casino has a 12% market share and is the second-largest casino in the revenues. Caesar's Entertainment Corporation is the market share leader with 17.2%, with Sands trailing significantly with 4.2%, Wynn Resorts with 2.8% and over two dozen smaller competitors on a regional basis (MGM Resorts International, 2013). Each of these competitors has chosen a different approach to protecting their market share and growing it against each other. Caesar's is concentrating on an immersive experience that includes entertainment, a strategy that MGM Grand is imitating today (MGM Resorts International, 2013). Wynn Resorts is concentrating on high net worth individuals and is seeking to create a more resort-like experience where gambling is for entertainment, not necessary for competitiveness or for the size of the winnings possible. For Sands, the focus is on the pure economics of gambling from the tourists' perspective, which is the promise of big jackpots and a very high energy, flashy experience (MGM Resorts International, 2013)

Management of the MGM Grand Casino

The MGM Casino is owned by MGM Corporation and is considered the flagship of their MGM Resorts Group (MGM Resorts International, 2013). The main vision of the casino today is to provide an exceptional customer experience and one that shows how the MGM Grand can stay in step with the preferences of sophisticated clients in the 21st century which is the goal of the brand renovation. Unlike other casino operating companies who are resistant to change and allow their properties to age for decades at times without changing them, the MGM Grand management team seeks to move forward with insight and intelligence into planning new phases (MGM Resorts International, 2013). As the company continues to mature beyond the legacy systems that are often batch-oriented and difficult to manage, the staff required for supporting these will no longer be needed. These batch-oriented IT systems and their computer operators will eventually need to be replaced with business analytics and skilled analytics experts who can interpret the massive amount of data MGM Grand casino is capturing today (MGM Resorts International, 2013). Instead of having IT system that just report back transactions MGM Grand casino is going to need much more precise analytics work done and less basic system maintenance.

Operations of the MGM Grand Casino

Casino operations are increasingly being affected by the pervasive adoption of the Internet as a reporting platform, and the continual shift of roles to more analytics-driven ones over standard, rote work in operations. The following is the organizational chart for the Casino Operations department. This operations structure allows for MGM Grand casino to serve customers while also ensuring the stability of overall operations for the long-term:

The use of Wi-Fi is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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