Miami School District Negotiation Research Paper

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" It is critical to develop interpersonal relationships, which will serve to facilitate the necessary collaboration in forming coalitions and building partnerships. (Farmer, 2009, paraphrased) Farmer states that the "The savvy school leader recognizes the importance of political skills and diligently works to hone them. A gradual transformation occurs in which the school leader moves away from seeing political forces as obstructions to progress and toward visualizing political forces as integral stakeholders in the local educational process whose contributions are essential in the quest to achieve organizational objectives." (2009)

IV. Negotiation Strategy

The negotiation strategy that should be used in the school redistricting initiative is one of an open forum in which all stakeholders are allowed to voice their concerns. This forum should be such that compiles the concerns expressed by stakeholders and which makes the provision of current and relevant research findings which shall be used in addressing the concerns of the stakeholders in what should be a formal and written report on the issues identified in the open meeting forum of the stakeholders. This forum should be comprised of a series of community meetings with stakeholders so that questions that arise from discussions in previous forum meetings can be addressed and further examined in subsequent meetings. As well, many individuals attending these meetings will develop more questions as they gain more knowledge of the redistricting initiative.

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Research Paper on Miami School District Negotiation the Assignment

It is quite human to fear the unknown and in this case, of school redistricting the unknown has much to do with children mixing in the schools with other race and ethnic backgrounds with which they are as of yet unfamiliar. These objections could be overcome through enabling these various race and ethnic individuals to meet and become acquainted and there is no better way that this can be accomplished than to appoint a diverse mixture of individual to redistricting committees and assigning them with various research tasks. Therefore, as these individuals work together in gathering information on the redistricting process these individuals will become team members and partners in the initiative which should go a long way in alleviating the fears of these individuals of the unknown other cultures, race and ethnic groupings in Miami. Parents of Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, and other ethnicities will soon realize that they have much in common and that being the best interest of their children as students in the Miami schools.

Summary and Conclusion

The objections of parents concerning redistricting of Miami schools are such that are valid and should be addressed as well as should the concerns of all stakeholders in the redistricting initiative. Fear of the unknown is a factor that greatly comes into play in such initiatives as the one described in this work therefore, ensuring that all stakeholders are in possession of information that informs them of what the changes will be and what they can expect is of vital importance. This work in writing has provided a description of the components of a negotiation plan for the Miami school redistricting initiative which includes involvement of all stakeholders in the process in order to ensure that these stakeholders are fully informed and involved and ensuring that they feel that they 'own' this process. Collaboration is key in this initiative as well as is an ongoing dialogue with the public and stakeholders during the process of Miami school districts being redrawn.


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