Essay: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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Dreams are what fuel the actions and thoughts of people. While some dream of riches, other dream of good health. Of Mice and Men's George and Lennie dream of sharing a piece of land that, they can own and tend to. Although Lennie's dream is simple, wishing to tend to some rabbits, George wants to own a farm and continue being Lennie's friend. The problem with dreams however, is that they can be crushed and people may never get to achieve their dreams. Lennie's strength and dimwittedness get the two into trouble, so much so that their beloved dream, almost within reach, is dashed.


George and Lennie wish to achieve the typical American dream. That is own some land and live off the land. They set out to do this, working and hoping to get enough money to buy a farm for themselves. Lennie's dream is simple, to own some soft animals to pet, but it is Georgie who operates as the brains of the operating thinking of acquiring land to farm and live off. Therefore, they put up with Curley and accept an offer from Candy in order to make the dream a reality.

Just like there is someone that seemingly supports the dream, there is always someone that will destroy it. Curley's wife, (no name given to her by Steinbeck) had a dream of becoming an actor. She is young, obsessed with her looks and always seeks to flirt with the ranch hands. This leads to her ultimate demise, but also shows the desperation the character has to satiate her need for attention.

Attention sometimes makes people act a certain way, but other things may motivate others. Crooks for example wanted to be accepted. The fact that he is a black man with a crooked back brings a feeling of inferiority. Crooks wants more than anything to belong and feel normal. However, because of his race and his medical condition, he was unable to.


George and Lennie began to work for their dream. Even after Lennie was accused of rape and the duo had to leave, they were able to find work with Curley, a short and Napoleonic man who disliked big men like Lennie. "Curley stared levelly at him. 'Well, nex' time you answer when you're spoke to.'" (Steinbeck 26) Although Lennie and Curley had their squabbles, especially when Curley's wife would flirt with Lennie, George and Lennie still kept their focus on their goals (mainly George). Especially when Candy offered $350 in exchange for living on the land as well, things looked bright.

However, George and Lennie get fired because Curley, the boss' son inevitably got into a fight with Lennie, who being the mentally handicapped person he is, couldn't stand up to him enough to make him back off. "If he tangles with you Lennie, we're gonna… [END OF PREVIEW]

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