Michael Gerber's the E-Book Physician Term Paper

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Michael Gerber's "The e-book Physician."

Michael E. Gerber is the Founder as well as the Chairman of the "E-Myth Worldwide." He lives in Petulama, California, and is the author of a number of bestsellers, like the "The E-Myth Revisited," "The E-Myth Manager," "The E-Myth Contractor," and the "The E-Myth Physician." He is one of the most sought after public speakers in the area, and also one of the 'small business' revolutionaries, to whom one can go to if one owned a small business and wanted to gain more profits form that business. (Michael E. Gerber: Biography)

E-Myth Worldwide is a company that has been doing intensive research on this aspect for more than twenty-four years now, and a small business owner would benefit immensely from the books that this company brings out regularly. Not only does the company have a direct relationship and contact with several small business owners, but it also has formed certain strong beliefs and faiths based on its experience with these people. This belief exemplifies the fact that small businesses do not work in the United States of America, but the people who own these small businesses do; and these people are in fact working much harder than they actually need to do, because they are in the United States of America. Maybe, they state, the problem dose not lie with the small business owners and whether or not they work hard; the actual problem is that most of these people are doing the wrong sort of work, thereby wasting precious resources and valuable time, when they could have been dong much better for themselves had they been doing the correct work. (Introduction: Amazon.com)Download full
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Michael Gerber's the E-Book Physician. Michael E. Assignment

Perhaps this is the true reason that many of these small businesses fail even before they take off. Not only dose the business become unrewarding and chaotic, but it also becomes unmanageable as well as completely unpredictable. The Book, "The e-Book Physician," by Michael Gerber, explains all these facts in great detail, so that a small business owner, if he reads the book well, would benefit enormously. What Michael Gerber says is that in the United States of America alone, the number of small businesses that start and have to give up quite quickly along the way is staggering, and the statistics reveal that even though more than a million people in the U.S.A. do start up a small business, sadly, at the end of the very first year, more then 40% of these businesses would be closed down and out of the running. Within the next five years, almost 80% of the remaining businesses would have failed, and closed shop. However, those businesses that have not failed during the first five years will not be guaranteed success, it is a fact that more then 80% of the remaining surviving businesses will inevitably fail over the next five years.

Why is such a horrible thing happening, and what are the lessons that these small businesses owners are not learning? What do they have to do and what are the steps that they have to take for their business to survive and run successfully for a long time? Why is it that most small business owners do not make the time or take the effort to learn exactly what it is that they have been doing wrong, and rectify their mistakes so that their business may survive and bring them their much deserved success, especially since it has been proven that it is these people who work harder than anybody else in the country. Michael Gerber offers his readers four profound ideas that not only answers all the questions above, but would put these small businesses owners on the right track so that they may be able to reap profits form their business instead of joining the ranks of thousands of such people who plod along in a desperate bid to survive. (Introduction: Amazon.com)

The first Idea is that Michael Gerber feels that there is a myth, or rather, an 'e-myth' in the United States that all small businesses are started by entrepreneurs who do not mind taking a risk with the capital that they invest in that business. This is an idea that has to be eliminated from the minds of the people of America, he says, and the reason for this is that the real and actual reason that people start small businesses has no link with entrepreneurships; in fact, this idea of the 'Entrepreneurial Myth' is what leads to the failure of most of the small businesses within the first year itself. If the 'e-myth' were taken into consideration and understood, and steps taken to ensure that the principles of the e-myth were applied to the creation and development of the business, then that would be the first step towards assuring success for the business. The second Idea is that in today's America, there is a small revolution going on, and this is known as the 'Turn-Key Revolution'. This revolution is in fact responsible for not only changing the way in which a small business owner does his business, but also for changing who goes into business, and how they go about setting up their business, and how long they would survive in their business.

The Revolution in fact is impacting not only the United States of America, but also the entire world. The third Idea brought out by Michael Gerber in his book is that at the very heart of the 'Turn Key Revolution', there is an ongoing dynamic process, and this process is referred to at 'E-Myth Worldwide' as the 'Business Development Process." When this principle is applied by the small business owner to his businesses, then his business would most definitely succeed, because the principle has the veritable power to transform any business into an efficient and effective organization. The business development process when applied by the small business owner to all the various activities within his business and also utilizes the principle to control the destiny of his business then Michael Gerber guarantees that the business would be met with success, and stay young, and therefore survive. (Introduction: Amazon.com)

However, when the principle and the process is ignored by the small business owner, then the consequences would inequitably be tragic, for the business would not only be met with failure, but it would also depend, to an inordinate level, on 'luck', 'fate', and other abstract ideals. The fourth Idea underlined by Michael Gerber in his book 'The e-myth Physician', is that the 'Business development Process' explained by him, if applied in a step-by-step procedure as stated by him in the book, then the lessons explained in the 'turn-key revolution' process could be included into the running of the small business. The process would then become a veritable guarantee for the success of the business, because of the fact that a certain degree of vitality and exuberance would be produced within the business, and what more would a small business need other than these, provided the business owner is willing to invest his time and attention and devote his energy to the business in order to ensure its success.

The author goes on to state that since its inception in 1977, the company, E-Myth Worldwide has succeeded in helping more than 25,000 small business owners with the principles of the Business development Process, and that their own company has benefited enormously form the same principles. Michael Gerber stresses that all this will not come without a lot of hard work and a lot of effort on the part of the small business owner; it is not a 'magic formula' that he is offering, but a recipe for success combined with hard work, but gratifying at the end of it when the business is met with success. The book, then deals with the ways and means with which to produce success, and is not just a plain 'How to do it' book, and it is only when the business owner works for it would he be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor and taste success. (Introduction: Amazon.com)

The book also stresses on the fact that your business is actually nothing more than a reflection of who and what you are; in other words, if the owner is a person with sloppy thinking and sloppy ideas, then his business would be similarly sloppy, if the owner is a disorganized sort of person, then his business would reflect the fact, if the owner were a greedy individual, then his employees will be greedy too, if the owner were a person with limited knowledge, then his business would show this fact clearly. Therefore, the author goes on to state, if the businesses were to survive, then it would have to change, and if the business had to change, then the owner would have to change first.

Were the owner to assume that he did not need to change, then his business would never be able to give him exactly… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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