Michael Lauren Who Is Struggling Case Study

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Heart, liver and brains are the most effective body organs by drinking alcohol. Alcohol even deprives and robs away the essential vitamins and minerals from the body that are imperative for proper cell functioning.

The people addicted to alcohol also demonstrate the symptoms that include distressing way of walking, shivering hands, blind headaches, and hallucinations. Blurred visions, drowsiness, irritated emotional state and nausea are also few of the widespread effects of drinking alcohol. Other long-term effects observed amongst people drinking alcohol in heavy quantity are lesser desire for food, stomach illness and diseases, memory loss and damage to nervous system.

People, who are in the transition phase of Marijuana withdrawal, they are likely to exhibit symptoms such as depression, craving, change in appetite, weight loss, anger, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disruptions, dreaming, insomnia and aches. These symptoms are noticed amongst the people in few days only after quitting the intake of marijuana.

However, overdose of Marijuana has adverse impacts that can cause nausea, vomiting, loss of self-identification, hallucinations, paranoia, severe breathing problem, high blood pressure, and reduced motor and reasoning skills. Nevertheless, the harsh and far-reaching impact of marijuana overdose may cause in brain hemorrhage, heart attack, strokes, even failure of the respiratory system of the people and elevates the probability of lung cancer.

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Alcohol intake to a disproportionate level typically causes fatal damage to the entire body in terms of permanent brain damage due to loss of brain tissues, intellectual impairment, irregular breathing patterns, damaged immune system, heart diseases, coma, hypertension, liver damage and cancer.

TOPIC: Case Study on Michael Lauren Who Is Struggling Assignment

The withdrawal symptoms amongst the people vary from the severity of the drinking habits of the people. However, the widespread and frequent symptoms noticed amongst the withdrawals of alcohol take account of agitation, anxiety, irritability, emotional instability, depression, sweating, nausea, panic attacks, dreaming, confusion, weakness, insomnia and various others.

Primary prevention technique is one of the effective methods that can be practiced where the young people should be the key focal groups who are not involved in such addictions. Appropriate education and coaching regarding the impact of these drugs on their lives, body, nervous system, emotions and social relationships would be a driving force to keep these youngsters away from such addictions.

Secondary prevention program is another way to cater and aim at those people that have already experienced the intake of drugs but they are not under its adverse consequences. Through targeting these people, the program intends to prevent these people from making them involved in more perilous substances.

Selective Prevention is another technique that can aim at the group of population that are on the high-risk and has been much involved in the intake of illicit drugs. These young people can be classified from a number of aspects such as poor performance in school, unusual behaviors at home and various others.

A variety of treatment modality for marijuana is present that can be used; however, the treatment modality recommended for Michele would be rehabilitation centre, because of its revitalizing environment that breaks the cycle of addiction and facilities the addict towards the holistic restoration of their body, mind and soul to live a healthy and productive life. Moreover, an oral drug that is THC is also an effective medication that can provide relief to Michele.

On the other side, Michele also needs a treatment modality for alcohol, and the suggested method to apply in this case is the behavioral/psychosocial therapy that is individual psychotherapy where Michele would receive the maximum attention and concern to study the behavioral patterns of her.


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