Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Term Paper

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Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two more popular Web browsers. What is the name of the first graphical web browser?

Found at ( 2006-09-22: Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web together with Robert Cailliau, built the first working prototype in late 1990 and early 1991. That first prototype consisted of a web browser for the NeXTStep operating system. This first web browser, which was named "WorldWideWeb," had a graphical user interface and would be recognizable to most people today as a web browser. However, WorldWideWeb did not support graphics embedded in pages when it was first released (, p. 1).

What cable company was established in 1858 to carry instantaneous communications across the ocean that would eventually be used for Internet communications?

The Cable Guy." A Thread Across the Ocean. By John Stele Gordon, Review found at (

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The New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Company. "The hero of "A Thread Across the Ocean" is Cyrus Field, who made a fortune in the paper and print business by his early 30's and then found a bigger challenge. The worst moment was a day in 1858, after an entire cable had finally been laid between Ireland and Newfoundland and had actually carried messages, leading to wild acclaim. Then, in the middle of a message, the new cable fizzled out, probably cooked when one of the team's electrical engineers tried to blast too much electricity through it. The acclaim turned to mockery" (Parfit, p. 2).

3. What American president in 1957 created both the interstate highway system and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)?

Found at ( American president in 1957 created both the interstate highway system and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) while responding to the Soviet threat and the success of Sputnik?

Term Paper on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Are Assignment

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters: Eisenhower.

4. Where is the location of Microsoft's headquarters?

Found at (

The main "campus" for Microsoft is this decentralized, 300 acre corporate park in Redmond, with around 40 buildings housing 14,000 offices. The company employs over 60,000 people worldwide, 30,000 of them in the Puget Sound area, at the headquarters, at the nearby and smaller RedWest Campus (located on a former chicken ranch), and at other leased and own spaces in the region.

5. How many Web pages is Google currently searching?

Found at (

We currently search billions of web pages. That's a lot of information, but even that's not the whole web. And even if it were, it's still only the web; what about all the other information out there? Google's mission is to make all the world's information accessible, not just a subset of the web.

1. Top five searches for the day on its home page ( War II, Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Theory, Topology, Black holes.

World War II is the topic. One newspaper is the Roanoke Times & World News:

Women Working During World War II Is Topic of Presentation" Roanoke Times & World News; 7/6/2007; 130 words;... On "The New Industrial Woman in World War II" Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. At Trinity... which includes photos from the World War II era, is free and open to the public... display will be original posters from World War II, courtesy of lake residents Lee

Other newspapers are the U.S. News & World Report, the News & Record in Piedmont Triad, NC, and the International Herald Tribune.

One magazine is the Journal of Public Health Policy, another is the Journal of Managerial Issues.

More magazines and newspapers from the past are available at another link.

2. "World Wide Web" Results:

There were nine articles, as there were 9 results for typing "World Wide Web"… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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