Essay: Middle Ages

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¶ … Middle Ages

While the Middle Ages are often regarded with angst and often ridiculed, it is worth noting that good things did emerge from these so-called "dark ages." Like many times in the past, the Middle Ages might seem ancient now but were progressing at a rate that seemed normal to them. Technology improved, making life in general better. Literature also heard fresh voices that reflect the times. Many advancements prove the Middle Ages were a far cry from dark.

Many changes occurred in the Middle Ages that changed the way the world works. For example, ways of production were changed, which had an enormous effect on the economy. Gunpowder, the canon, and the compass were all invented in the Middle Ages. The eleventh century was filled with "men of prayer, men of war, and men of work" (Noble 352). Other advancements lead to easier farming and "labor-saving devices" (Duiker 263), including hammers, scythes, axes, hammers,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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