Middle East/Gulf Region Essay

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This proved to be essential in assisting them gain appreciation among Arabs, as change was practically difficult to observe and as conditions were largely similar to how they were before the rise of the Mamluk generals.

The Ottoman Empire eventually came to be defeated by a combined army of European forces with the British Empire leading them. The empire was dissolved during a decade, from 1908 and until 1918, with Arabs entering the modern era as members of a series of states expanding across the Greater Middle East / Gulf region. "Instead of permitting Arab unity, Britain issued the Balfour Declaration, which promised a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, and the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which led to the partitioning of geographical Syria into British and French spheres of control" (Barakat 6). While the British created a home for the Jewish population, they failed to acknowledge the unrest this would trigger in the Arab world and generally focused on reducing the threat of a united Arab peoples being able to regain their power.

The Cold War was an essential event that shaped the Arab World, as while British influence was no longer felt in the territory, Americans started to get actively involved in protecting countries like Greece and Turkey. This also meant that they were interested in nations further south and that, alongside of Britain, it would provide particular Arab countries with instructions, weapons, and support in fights against other Arab powers fueled by the Soviet Union.

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Barakat, Halim, "The Arab World," (UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, 1993).

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Greater Middle East Gulf Region Essay

Greater Middle East Gulf Region Essay

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