Midsummer's Night Dream Acting Essay

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1. Describe the mood of the lighting.

a. How was color and intensity used to affect mood?

I did not see that they used colored light, but the intensity was greater in scenes for day and less in scenes for night.

b. What other characteristics of light were used to affect mood?

Light was not used to elevate or enhance the mood.

c. Was the lighting appropriate for the mood of each scene? Why or why not?

The light was not used to enhance mood in any way that I could see.

2. Also, was the lighting realistic or nonrealistic?

The light was used to indicate light or dark; there is a degree of reality here because it is darker at night than day.

3. Were the actors properly lit? Could their faces be seen?

The actors were properly lit so that their faces could be seen by the audience.

4. Were light changes made slowly or quickly? How did this affect the play? Did it seem right for the play?

The light changes were fairly quick but not to the point of being distracting, but it was not spectacular; there was little creativity in the lighting direction of the production and this could have enhanced the play.


1. What was the text about?

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The text of A Midsummer's Night Dream concerns the romances of three couples, Hermia and Lysander, Demetrius and Helena, and King Oberon and Queen Titania. Each of the couples undergoes a conflict to be finally united at the play's end. It is about the silliness of love and emotions.

2. What was the author of the text trying to communicate to the audience?

The author was trying first and foremost to entertain his audience. Secondly, Shakespeare was trying to convey, to quote Puck, "What fools these mortals be." Love makes us do stupid things, like risk our lives. We hurt our loved ones and reunite with them and hopefully at the end of the quarrel, the lovers are closer together and not further apart.

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3. What conflict seemed to embody the meaning of the text?

The major conflicts at the core of the text are the various issues that can arise when a man and a woman, or any two people for that matter, fall foolishly in love. It discusses the discord that can occur between a man and wife (Titania and Oberon), the struggles that lovers might face from a disapproving father (Hermia and Lysander), and the pain of unrequited love (Helena and Demetrius). Although in the last case, few such loves wind up living happily ever after.


1. What were the major desires, goals, objectives, and motivations of the leading characters?

Egeus: wants his daughter to marry Demetrius regardless of her feelings on the matter and is willing to let her die if she refuses

Hermia: wants to marry Lysander because she loves him and is willing to elope with him to do so Lysander: wants to marry Hermia; he decides that they will elope to his aunt's house

Helena: wants to marry Demetrius because she is in love with him, even though he is always treating her badly; she wants his approval so much that she betrays her best friend's secret elopement

Demetrius: wants to marry Hermia because he is in love with her; goes into the forest for the explicit purpose of getting her and taking her back to Athens; is willing to let her die or be put in a nunnery if she does not acquiesce

Puck: is ordered to put the love potion on the Athenian's eyes and is then bent on correcting the wrong he has done; he wants to please King Oberon, his master

Oberon: wants Titania's slave boy and plots to use the love potion as a trick on hiw wife; plans to get Demetrius to fall in love with Lysander; orders Puck to fix the love lives of the four Athenians in the forest

Titania: wants to keep her slave boy, then she wants to love Bottom

Bottom: wants… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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