Military Aircraft and Their Effect Term Paper

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It does so by dropping very hot metal chaff that confuses the heat seeking sensor of the incoming missile. The missile then hits the metal chaff instead of hitting the actual airplane.

Engine Power

The evolution of the jet engine has been marked with several achievements and improvements that are attributed to the perfection of the jets engines' military application capabilities. The jet engine was used to power the U.S. Air Force fighter planes such as the F-100.The F-100 became the very first airplane to break the sound barrier. It was later adopted for use in the B-52 fighters. Later on the engine was adopted for commercial airliners such as the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8.The development of the engine into better and more efficient unit that was turbo charged was accelerated by the military ambitions. The jet engine has therefore been utilized in powering commercial airliners due to its military acquired characteristics such as high efficiency and compactness (Taylor & Munson, 1973)

The non-machine related benefits of military plane evolution on the commercial travel industries are numerous. They range from the provision of pilots who take up their roles as captains and pilots of the airplanes to the provision of security while flying in certain uncharted and war torn regions.

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The process of providing landing support should there be any form of an emergency is carried out by the military wing of every government. The process of drafting the pre-accident and post-accident framework to be used by the commercial airliners is performed by the military command posts. The other very important role that is carried out by the military to the commercial airlines industry is the performance of Search and Rescue Operation in case of a mishap. The military would be actively involved in the process of securing the crash site and also in the process of evacuating the survivors. Should there be fatalities, it is the responsibility of the military to clear the scene of the bodies.

Term Paper on Military Aircraft and Their Effect Assignment

With the current serious state of terrorism and passengers disturbances, it became necessary to include onboard military protection of the commercial airplanes through the employment of military and armed flight marshals. Their role is basically to secure the plan from any internal aggression and also to bring in peace and order in the commercial jetliners.


The World War II marked an important turning point in the history of modern day commercial aviation. It is the result of the WWII that necessitated the quick development of better and more efficient airliners. The original design of which was based on the conceptualized designs of the military aircrafts.

In an effort to boost their military might, several governments came up with better and efficient machines to power their airplanes. The inclusion of military technology of design, management and navigation is therefore an important milestone in the history f the modern day airlines. The numerous WWII pilots who were released from their military service roles after the war became a very important source of commercial airplane personnel. The excess personnel together with the existence of surplus airplane therefore meant an increase in both civil airplane training and transport source (Harrison, 2000).

The military air travel has therefore played a very fundamental role in the development of efficient and effective civil air transportation (Titler, 1966).The future commercial airline travel has been predicted to comprise of smaller mini jets. This is in an effort to build smaller, safe and fuel efficient means of air transport. The mini jets are to be build so as to reduce the likelihood of terrorist attacks which is currently very eminent in the case of large airliners. There will be a notable decline of the many large commercial airliners and constantly overcrowded airport terminals. Instead there will be the safer and lighter mini jets which will operate even from the smaller municipal airstrips.

These future mini jets will be designed with military technology in mind. This will make them more efficient, robust, rugged and safer. The military aircraft has indeed revolutionized the field of civil aviation.


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