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In a sense, the AKO shrinks the bureaucratic obstacles of the military while simultaneously maintaining a network of unparalleled enormity. (Rouse, p. 1)

The negative impacts that may be said to emerge from the AKO largely revolve on its relatively cumbersome nature. Due to the extra precautions which must be taken to protect sensitive information and the steps that are taken toward identity verification, many end-users have complained about the system's technological limitations. According to some servicemen and women, limitations in the system include a slower-than-desirable speed of operation and some problems with universal web browser compatibility. While extra steps must surely be taken to produce the adequate level of security restriction for potentially sensitive information and correspondence, the technological shortcomings of the AKO have led some would-be end-users to favor their own email platforms over the mandatory system. (DDS, p. 1) In fact, the DDS reports that only 10% of active servicemen make use of the system today.

3) your recommendations for improving and enhancing your chosen information system.

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Recommendations for improving this system largely revolve on improving its efficiency without sacrificing its security capabilities. This calls for a refinement of the knowledge sharing technology while reducing the emphasis on email service and other functionalities which are fully available outside of the AKO today. This will involve moving toward a cloud-based strategy of data-basing for the improvement of speed, efficiency and accessibility.

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Essay on Military IT: Army Knowledge Online Assignment

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