Military Lessons Learned From Vietnam Essay

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From a strictly military perspective, though, some of the more salient lessons learned from the War in Vietnam that can help me achieve my professional goals today include the need to:

1. Be nonjudgmental;

2. Learn the facts before forming an opinion;

3. Embrace cultural diversity in health care;

4. Develop collaborative practice among nursing teams; and,

5. Promote team work, respect and support for each other.

All of the foregoing are directly related to what one U.S. Army officer considered the most important lesson learned in Vietnam: "Of all the 'lessons learned' from the Vietnam war the need for flexibility in both thought and action is perhaps the most critical" (Summers, 1982, p. 139).


Given its impact on the American consciousness and the cost in lives, it is little wonder that scholars continue to analyze the War in Vietnam to determine what the United States did right and what it did wrong. The research showed that although the U.S. lost the war, a number of valuable lessons learned have been identified that can be used to good effect on the battlefields as well in the workplaces of the 21st century concerning the need for professionalism and teamwork.


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Essay on Military Lessons Learned From Vietnam: Assignment

Summers, H.G. (1982). On strategy: A critical analysis of the…
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