Military Lessons Learned Essay

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A shared frame of reference is reported to be key in group common understanding. A shared mental model for information and communication procedures is reported to be the primary base in developing "SSA appropriate to current mission goals." (Cantu and Cantu, nd, p.5) Continuous and effective communication is also reported as being critical in the sharing of interests and in gaining an awareness that is comprehensive of the priorities of all actors in crisis planning.

III. Military Lessons Learned to Assist in More Effective Mission Success

The military lessons learned that would assist in more effective success in military missions include that there is a critical need for continuous communication that is effective in nature since this will enable coordinated action and will result in a shared frame of reference. It is extremely important that all involved be aware of what stage of completion the mission has reached the mission goals, the mission strategy, and the appropriate tactics to accomplish the mission. All actors must work in unison and cooperatively in order to realize success and effectiveness in a military operation. With today's technological advances, there are many ways to communicate even across long distances and this technology enables today's military in realizing success in its mission goals and objectives.

Summary and Conclusion

This study has examined military strategy and mission requirements for realization of effective and successful missions and noted that a shared frame of reference and continuous communication that is effective to be critical towards mission success.

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Essay on Military Lessons Learned in Assignment

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