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So, based on the statistics, it's clear that there is a cloud looming over military relationships. That cloud is the potential for MST.

Cultural Empowerment

Well, the solution to the problem of MST is to modify the culture of the U.S. military. A complete overhaul is not required as by and large the military represents the best and the brightest the country has to offer. But clearly soldiers need training on what it means to "sin by silence." Those who've been abused need to speak about it, tell others about it, and feel empowered by their ability to overcome it (self-efficacy and self-management may be the most powerful forces that lead to positive rehabilitation for those experiencing MST). This is the best way to precipitate real change -- create awareness. Additionally, top military brass needs to support those who speak out about MST. Clearly, they are not doing enough either.


To solve the problem of MST, the cultural identity of the military needs to be amended to include a hyper-sensitivity to sexual abuse, sexual harassment, rape, etc. Instances of such behavior must be reported. And those who report such behavior should be praised for exhibiting those aforementioned virtues. As it's been said, evil prospers when good men do nothing. By creating a more responsible and ethical cultural identity and environment, relationships will improve and expectations will be met. The result will be an empowered community that works together to truly become a force for good.

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Term Paper on Military Mst Military Sexual Trauma Assignment

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