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The worst part is that these followers of the religion (which is a right in itself), are sentenced as per Constitutional Law, under Article seventy of the Military Penal Code that considers this refusal as the "insubordination during a period of general mobilization (Greece has been in such a situation since the invasion of Northern Cyprus by Turkish troops in 1974)" (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round). These conscientious objectors are punished for following the teachings of their religion "of five years' deprivation of civil rights" (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round) thereby disallowing them to work as employees as civil servants and depriving them their birthright to vote or to become a part of the parliament (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round).

Furthermore, these victims fall prey to the seizure of obtaining a passport or any kind of licensing document and are forbidden to establish personal business for a period of five years "after their release from prison" (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round).


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Hence from the above discussion, it is evident that insubordination in the military sphere must not be tolerated at any cost but more important is that the concept of the term must be well understood by the officials, in the hands of whom, the authority rests. Moreover, in order to decrease unrest and discourage unethical practices that give birth to insubordination, it is important that the authoritative bodies take charge of their responsibilities to further investigate all the pending cases impartially and to increase the research efforts to ensure justice and democracy to their people.

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