Military Readiness Intrinsically Declines Research Paper

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The crux of the situation is that it appears as though the U.S. has not truly corrected these measures in contemporary times (Kreisher, 2913, p. 4). The economy has wracked havoc on the current defense budget, which is where all the other problems -- personnel cuts, lack of training, and substandard equipment inevitably come from. Until the military is able to find some way to address this problem its readiness will not improve to Desert storm levels.


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Ray, D. (2000). "Is the U.S. military prepared to fight?" Insight on the News. 16 (41): 18. Retrieved from full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Military Readiness Intrinsically Declines the Assignment

Spencer, J. (2000). "The facts about military readiness." Retrieved from
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