Military Strategies Employed by Alexander Term Paper

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There were many qualities that set Alexander apart from other rulers of his time. One of the most important contributions in his life was the fact that his father invited one of the best scholors, namely Aristotle to Macedonia to tutor him. It was Aristotle's guidance that taught Alexander to be sensitive toward people and cultures, making him the first ruler to have this quality. It was this quality that never his occupied lands rebel. Even though the Persians despised him before he invaded Iran, they willingly joined his army.

He used to motivate his troops to fight the greatest challenges, in the harshest of conditions like crossing the snow-covered Hindu Kush in Afghanistan and the Uxian Mountains in Iran in late winter and early spring, or crossing the Saharan and the Arabian desert on foot or horseback, or fighting enemies with armies four times the size of his. He was always the first to march towards the enemy and would come to the rescue of a fellow soldier, regardless of his rank.

Alexander died in 323 B.C in the city of Babylon. He is one of the world's best conquerors serving as the model for many empire builders today.


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Term Paper on Military Strategies Employed by Alexander Assignment

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