Military Structure and Capabilities Term Paper

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It has twice tested the Taepodong-2, its longest-range inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM), with a range of up to 10,500 km (about 6,525 miles). It is not known if the Taepodong-2 is operational." (Global Security Organization, nd.p.1)

V. North Korea's Security Model

The security model of North Korea "explains that a state develops nuclear weapons according to neorealist assumptions on the behavior of states. The weakening military ties with the former Soviet Union and China in the 1990s provided another impetus to develop nuclear capabilities." (CRS Report for Congress, 2004) Before the Soviet Union collapsed and the Chinese economic reform era it is reported that North Korea "enjoyed nuclear umbrellas from their neighboring states. However, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the integration of China and later Russia into the global economy no longer guaranteed these security commitments. In a self-help international system, the defection of two important allies compelled North Korea to increase their own military capabilities to compensate for its former military dependency on the Soviet Union and China. The lack of a credible nuclear deterrent extended by the Soviet Union and China created a lapse in deterrent capabilities leading North Korea to develop its own." (CRS Report for Congress, 2004)

Summary and Conclusion

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This writing has examined the military capabilities of North Korea and its capabilities of producing weapons of mass destruction and has found that North Korea has highly developed military capabilities and is making headway in the production and storage of weapons of mass destructions.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Military Structure and Capabilities of Assignment

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