Military Topic Exclude Civil War White Paper

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This makes it possible for the masses to understand that SOF soldiers are actually dedicated to their work and are willing to risk their lives with the purpose of making sure that the nation is safe.

VI. Conclusion

All things considered, being a member of the SOF is a curse and a blessing at the same time. One has to perform a lot of sacrifices without receiving any substantial compensation for his or her feats. However, the respective person also goes to sleep thinking about how numerous individuals are alive because of his or her efforts. It is surely difficult to determine whether it is beneficial to be a SOF soldier or not, considering that these people suffer extreme traumas and see things that normal people cannot even imagine. Even with this, society needs to acknowledge the important role that the SOF plays in people's lives and should do everything in its power in order to prevent such noble individuals from risking their lives. Even though it sounds like a cliche, peace is basically the only solution to the suffering that the world is currently experiencing.

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TOPIC: White Paper on Military Topic; Exclude Civil War. Assignment

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