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There are a number of types of milk in the local grocery store. They largest selections are reserved for whole, low fat and skim. There is also chocolate, organic, goat, lactose free and bifidus milk. In another section are milk substitutes such as soy milk, rice milk and almond milk. There is also evaporated milk and condensed milk in another section of the store as well.

The type of segmentation that milk marketers utilize appears to be according to benefit sought. The usage of milk tends to be roughly the same for all milk markets. In addition, the types of milk available in the store do not tend to vary from geography to geography. Most progressive areas might have a more diverse selection of milk but it is unlikely that there are significant differences in milk marketing based on geography. Because milk is a ubiquitous product consumed as a staple by a wide portion of the public, there is little in the way of demographic or psychographic segmentation in the types of milk available. It is worth noting, however, there demographic and psychographic segmentation appear to be used in determining the sizing of milk. There are very large format containers for families, for example, down to single-serving sizes of milk. The more niche market types of milk (soy, rice, goat, lactose-free) only come in the most common-size container, the 1L or quart size. This reflects segmentation based in part on demographics (family size), usage (heavy, regular or light user) and possibly even psychographics with respect to one's attitudes towards milk.

Thus, the benefit sought appears to the primary method of segmentation with respect to the different types of milk. For example, the different levels of fat in regular milk indicate that consumers prefer to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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