Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for CA'te D'ivoire Research Paper

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In case of sanitation, the government aims to induct proper drainage systems in the urban areas. The rainwater and storm water will be dispatched to the drains. Efforts will be made to direct excretory water through drainage systems (AfDB, OECD and UNECA, 2010).

The quality of life will be improved. Proper houses will be built and standard of life will be improved. The cities will be urbanized. The urban areas will be restructured. Proper funds will be allocated in this regard. Real estate programmes will be instituted in place allowing people to shift from rural areas to urban areas (AfDB, OECD and UNECA, 2010).

Accessing ICT's and markets

The NDP has been designed to embark on new business ventures and revitalize the high growth segments. The local companies need a push in terms of growth and expansion. Commercial and economic missions are given importance and private sector will be given importance. Thus, trading links will be set up with rest of the world. The ICT services will be made affordable and available to all. The telecommunications sector will be given prime importance in this regard. Awareness will be raised and population will be educated on ICT services (AfDB, OECD and UNECA, 2010).

2.2.2: European Union and MDG 7

The European Union is very much interested in completing the goals, the government has in mind for Cote d'Lvoire. Some of the goals are lagging and need to be targeted. These include:

Child and mother health

Hunger elimination

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Pure clean drinking water and sanitation services (AfDB, OECD and UNECA, 2010)

This programme will engage one million people all in all. The sanitation department will take 650,000 people while the hydraulic infrastructure department will take 350,000 people (AfDB, OECD and UNECA, 2010).

2.3: Action plan for attaining the MDG's

MDG 1: Put an end to hunger and poverty

Target 1A: The aim from 1990 to 2015 is to lessen the amount of people whose salary is less than dollar a day. These key projects are underway:

Research Paper on Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for CA'te D'ivoire Assignment

Executing the 4th general population consensus and quality of life

Implementing a universal system of health cover

Implementing the projects from the 2012-2015 NDP

Supporting the craft sector

Developing the wholesale markets of Abidjan and Daloa

The aim to reduce poverty in the districts

Poverty reduction and achieving the MDG's (Moss, 2010)

Target 1B: Ensuring employment of all the individuals. Ensuring women empowerment is a prime objective here. Driving productivity in youth is another aim. The projects under this banner are (Moss, 2010):

The project will support social and professional insertion

Cultural jobs will also be created

Reintegration of previous combatants VR and JAR

Integrating youth in the cultural and social fabric of the society

Allocating solid waste from households

Managing and integrating minerals and precious stones by small scale operations

Target 1C: Reduce the hunger level from 1990 to 2015 since majority of the population is suffering from it. The projects under this umbrella include:

A project will be underway to condition seeds

Maintaining and rehabilitating the agricultural tracks

Land tenure security project

Livestock project development

Project for settling at least 5,000 chicken farmers

Local agricultural development projects

The programme for agricultural productivity

Project to sustain the fishery industry (Moss, 2010).

MDG 2: Attaining equivalent education

By 2015, all the primary school boys and girls should be able to attain primary level education and move on to secondary education. In this project, the major schemes are (Moss, 2010):

30,000 classrooms will be equipped and rehabilitated with water facilities and amenities

36,000 classrooms will be setup and facilities will be made available

300 secondary schools will be setup and rehabilitated

Three vocational and learning institutes will be setup

99 middle and high schools will be constructed (Moss, 2010).

MDG 3: Empowering women and gender equality

The gender discrimination will need to be curbed sooner rather than later. Efforts are being made in the education sector to ensure that primary enrollment for females in 100% by 2015. Efforts are also being made to ensure women empowerment at all levels including business, politics and education (Moss, 2010).

MDG 4: Lessen the rate of child mortality

The target here is to lessen child mortality rate:

Rehabilitating and equipping health centers with necessary tools and machinery

Constructing and developing 450 ESPC's

Special rehabilitation program for CHR and HG

Upgrading the technical facilities in health centers

Developing and constructing National Blood Transfusion Center

Developing and constructing the National Center of Radiation and Medical Oncology in Abidjan

Developing and constructing the University Hospital of Bouake

Developing and constructing the University hospital of Treichville

Developing and constructing the University hospital of Cocody

Developing and constructing the University hospital of Yopougan

Developing and constructing the Nuclear medicine center

Construction a drug manufacturing plant in Cote d'Lvoire

Construction of the hospital of Angre (Moss, 2010).

MDG 5: Enhancing medical health

The MDG 5 implementation will be accelerated and the infants under age five will be given priority by lessening the mortality from by two thirds till 2015. (Moss, 2010).

MDG 6: Fighting AIDS/HIVS, malaria and tuberculosis

Target 6A: The aim is to completely put an end to the increase in HIV / AIDS and begin to turn around the figures. This includes AIDS/HIV and many other diseases (Moss, 2010).

Target 6B: Make sure that all those people who have AIDS/HIV get access to proper medication till 2010.

Target 6C: The aim here will be to reduce present malaria trends by 2015; similar to that of Aids (Moss, 2010).

MDG 7: Keep the environment clean and hygienic

Target 7A: The aim is to introduce environmental friendly practices in the country and develop similar policies at the national level. Another aim is to reduce the loss of environmental resources.

Target 7B: The loss of biodiversity must be controlled. Apart from that, rate of biodiversity loss must be protected as well.

Target 7C: Lessen by 50%, the population who don't have access to clean drinking water and sanitation services as well (Moss, 2010).

This project entails:

Building 500 HVA systems

Developing boreholes and had pumps at the same time.

The Pollumar plan will be implemented

The REDD+ strategy will be implemented as well

Developing the Ivorian Anti-pollution center (CIAPOL)

The lagoons of Abidjan need cleaning up

The forest heritage will be preserved and safeguarded as well

The water and animal life will be preserved (Moss, 2010).

Target 7D: The condition of the people living in the slum needs to improve. This project entails:

Preparing and updating the latest master plans

The urbanization of rural areas needs to be done

The health centers and schools need to be latinised

Between the periods of 2012-2015, at least 80,000 connections will be subsidized

The secondary and primary networks will be completed for that matter (sanitizing Abidjan district) (Moss, 2010).

Interventions are needed to speed up the MDG 5 agenda

The objectives of MDG 5 must be met within the required time frame. The NDP has setup particular parameters for this cause at hand. These include some key aspects such as:

Family planning

Neonatal care and emergency obstetric

Mother and child health will be taken care of. The maternity rate must be paid heed to The action plan must be implemented by CAO 5 by laws.

For carrying out the postulates of MDG 5, the project clearly is a big one as it requires massive funding. Ending the high mortality and morbidity rate, as well as, caring for mother/child health is the aim here. The amount needed here is at least $161,833,928 (Moss, 2010).

Attaining MDG 5 and the challenges at hand

Objective 5A: Lessen the mortality rate by three quarters from 1900 to 2015

Objective 5B: Provide open access to reproductive health by 2015

Steps need to be taken for reducing the amount of AIDS/HIV afflicted individuals. Training must be given to nurses in delivering better services (Moss, 2010).

There are many challenges still to be faced for example:

Allocating funds for maternal and child health

Developing family planning centers

The community involvement must be strengthened

The quality of maternal, child health, availability and accessibility of services must be made available

Family planning centers, day care centers and consultation services and pre-natal services must be setup

The maternal health will be observed under strict radar. Improvements will be made from time to time (Moss, 2010).

In the end

The international community needs to show more support and regard for the government and its efforts. The aim for the government is to lessen poverty and create jobs for people. The completion of MDG will accomplish… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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