Essay: Mind and Behaviour Investigators

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[. . .] Contingent problems of qualitative interviews are those which may or may not be issues depending on whether attention is given to certain aspects of the study. These types of problems include the interviewer being deleted from the interpretation of findings, flaws in how the interactions are represented, how specific observations are, not knowing how interviews are set up, and sometimes failure to see the interview situation as an interaction (Potter & Hepburn, 2005). These are widespread problems that are found commonly throughout research based on qualitative interviews, and psychological research in general could be drastically improved by correcting these problems (Potter & Hepburn, 2005). Potter & Hepburn (2005) suggest that a starting point toward correcting these problems would be for researchers to acknowledge the presence of these issues and in turn justify why certain components of the qualitative interviews are used and how they contribute to improved execution of the study.

The other category of problems in qualitative psychological research noted by Potter & Hepburn (2005) is necessary problems, those that are inherent to the interview process. These problems include the interview being flooded by social science agendas, the dominance asserted by the interviewer and interviewee, potential personal agendas on the behalf of the interviewer and interviewee, as well as cognitivism being reproduced (Potter & Hepburn, 2005). Since these problems are inherent to the interview process, they cannot be eliminated, and instead must be avoided as much as possible by consciously designing and conducting interviews with these potential problems in mind. The impact of these problems could be limited and reduced by effectively crafting introductions to interviews, questions, and analyzing responses without losing sight of the possible interference caused by necessary problems.


Potter, J. & Hepburn, A. (2005). Qualitative interviews in psychology: problems and possibilities. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 2, 1-27.

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