Mind Body Mindy/Body Separation: Spinoza and Descartes Essay

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Mind Body

Mindy/Body Separation: Spinoza and Descartes

In his Ethics, Spinoza makes the assertion that, "the object of the idea constituting the human mind is the body." What Spinoza essentially argues is that all experience is ultimately experience of the body, as the body is the source of all experience -- i.e. It is only through the body and its processes that experience can be had, in Spinoza's view. Any concept of the mind, then -- any "idea constituting the human mind" -- is really an deal of the body, or at least a concept mediated by the body, as is everything else. An individual cannot truly come to know their mind, then, in this view, but rather they can only come to understand their body's perception of the mind and thus come to know their body through an investigation of the mind. This is not the only view on the subject of the mind and body, however, and Descartes would perhaps entirely disagree and certainly amplify and more completely describe the implications of Spinoza's thinking through his own thoughts on the subject.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Mind Body Mindy/Body Separation: Spinoza and Descartes Assignment

According to Descartes, there exists what he terms a "real distinction" between mind and body. The body, according to Descartes' model of the mind-body split, is an unthinking yet extended (that is, physically extant, so far as can be determined) substance, while the mind is a thinking yet un-extended (non-corporeal, in our experience) substance. In this construct, there is a very real difference in the inherent nature of the substances of the mind and body, and thus there exists this "real distinction" -- what Descartes perceives as an undeniable and self-evident delineation of the two types of substances. The body can only be known through the mediation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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