To the Minister of Health Canada Research Proposal

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To the Minister of Health;

Canada has a serious healthcare issue on its hands. Though we

proudly proclaim ourselves a progressive nation with public healthcare

access, there remain children who today do not have the proper access to

prescription medicines and proven treatment avenues. This is a serious

flaw in our system, relating both to economic disparity and access

limitations. Based on the disposition that Ontario has historically taken

toward its publics, we have grown accustomed to expecting the kind of

compassionate treatment that saves lives.

On the matter of public healthcare, it is clear to me that the

government is interested in redressing these matters. Therefore, I feel

confident that words of my letter will be well received. According to your

website, Ontario is fortunate to have a "government committed to reforming

the public drug system through the Transparent Drug System for Patients

Act, 2006, which made changes to the Ontario Drug Benefit Act and the Drug

Interchangeability and Dispensing Fee Act." (Ministry of Health and Long

Term Care, 1) In particular, you have claimed a direct interest improving

patient access. This is an issue which is clearly of great importance to

us. Indeed, it is the purpose of my letter to contend that there is still

quite a great deal of work to be done in helping to realize that goal.

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There is little question that you have shown the awareness and

ability that are necessary to help address the need in the general public

for an access that defies economic divisions. Indeed, improvements in

accessibility of prescription drugs have genuinely helped to raised living

standards and life expectancy amongst Canadians. This is to note that "

'illnesses that were at one time rapid and a death sentence, we're now able

Research Proposal on To the Minister of Health; Canada Has Assignment

to treat with the benefits of modern medicine and we've been able to turn

catastrophic illness into chronic illness." (Gillis, 1) Our medicine has

certainly seen improvement.

However, the idea of public and universal health coverage remains

elusive, especially where drugs are concerned. As you are likely aware,

drug plans have yet to become a universal part of healthcare treatment

opportunities. You must also know that the significant social problem of

high "drug costs is particularly critical in Atlantic Canada, where 24 per

cent of the populace, or 600,000 people, have no drug plan." (Gillis, 1)

There are many families with children who fall quite problematically in a

middle ground between those who are most in need and those who have the

means to receive the highest possible care.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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