Minority Youth, Substance Abuse, Solutions Baer Annotated Bibliography

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Minority Youth, Substance Abuse, Solutions

Baer, Paul E., Bray, James H., and Getz, Greg J. (2000). Adolescent Individuation and Alcohol

Use in Multi-ethnic Youth. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 61(4), 588-611.

This article reviews a study of 1,200 sixth through eighth grade Latinos, Blacks, and Caucasians; the results show that alcohol use among youth is linked to "individuation" (the process through which a person finds his "true self"), to family use, to stress and peer use as well. Family-based and school-based preventative measures are needed for these youths.

Baldwin, Julie A. Benally, Christine, Bowers, Jeremy, Johnson, Jeannette, Rolf, Jon E., and Trotter, Robert T. Developing culturally sensitive HIV-AIDS and Substance Abuse prevention curricula for Native American youth. Journal of School Health, 66(9), 322-333.

Specifically targeting Native American youth, this program achieved "significant positive prevention effects" through the development of intervention curricula that included: a) selecting the right integrative theory vis-a-vis addressing substance abuse and risky sexual behaviors among Indian youth; b) using ethnographic methods to ensure cultural sensitivity in the curriculum; and c) using the outcomes of pilot and field trials to develop the curriculum.

Brown, Larry K., Houck, Christopher, Lescano, Celia M., and Tolou-Shams, Marina. (2008).

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The association between depressive symptoms, substance use, and HIV risk among youth with an arrest history. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 69(1), 58-72.

This is a useful article that shows clearly that when depressive symptoms are found among juvenile arrestees there is a greater possibility of substance abuse and becoming HIV positive. No solutions is suggested; greater understanding of the link between depression and increased risk of substance abuse and sexual risk-taking is needed, the authors assert.

Cannon, Edward, and Levy, Marielle. (2008). Substance-Using Hispanic Youth and Their

Annotated Bibliography on Minority Youth, Substance Abuse, Solutions Baer, Paul Assignment

Families: Review of Engagement and Treatment Strategies. The Family Journal:

Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 16(3), 199-203.

This journal article provides a wealth of information about where the Latino adolescent stands in terms of data on substance abuse and other illegal activities. It also covers the many stresses related to being the offspring of immigrants in the majority Caucasian society.

Childs, Janis C. Moody, Kimberly A., and Sepples, Susan B. (2003). Intervening with at-risk

Youth: evaluation of the youth empowerment and support program. Pediatric Nursing,

29(4), 263-282.

This positive report reflects the helpful results that can be realized by 13 inner-city at-risk adolescents (read that, minorities) when ten nursing student volunteer to provide two-hour after-school group activities for 20 weeks. The at-risk children were 10 to 12 years of age. Participants reported higher levels of self-esteem, stronger attachment to school activities, "positive peer bonding," and advancement in social skills.

Collins, Marietta H., Ready, Jawana, Griffin, John B., Walker, Kenneth G., and Mascaro,

Nathan. (2007). The Challenge of Transporting Family-Based Interventions for Adolescent

Substance Abuse from Research to Urban Community Settings. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 35(5), 429-445.

This article offers suggestions and support for family-based interventions, especially when working with "urban minority populations"; there is a great need for more "culturally competent" family intervention programs for African-American youths in particular.

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