Essay: Misfits, Written by Arthur Miller

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[. . .] Her love of animals and expression of horror at the cruelty of the west is naive yet touching. She is continually taken aback at Langland's callousness to animals. Her new relationship is almost destroyed when she sees Langland's real work: roping horses and making them submit so he can slaughter them. His entire life, Roslyn realizes, has been built upon cruelty. She feels that what she saw as her last chance at starting anew is lost. Guido offers to set the horses free for her if she will leave Langland for him, but that only further depresses her, as she sees it as evidence that men will only show kindness when they want something in exchange. She had also rejected Guido before because of the way he treated his late, pregnant wife, refusing to drive the woman to the hospital when she was in labor

The story ends on an idealistic, hopeful note -- Pearce sets the horses free, and after attempting to capture one of them, Langland eventually capitulates to Roslyn's demands. The ending suggests that some form of redemption is possible, although it is not clear how Langford and Roslyn will live together. If the two of them formed a new union, this could allow life to begin anew and enable Langford to redeem himself from his estranged relationship with his own children. This would also suggest that the traditional, lonely cowboy of the West is finally redeemed by domesticity, and taught to treat wild things with respect. But the overall tone of the film remains bleak, and the viewer is left with a sense that Roslyn and her lover are fantasizing rather than really talking about what will likely transpire in the near or far future.

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The Misfits. Starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable.…

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