Mission and Vision Statements Essay

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For example, the mission and vision statements refer to the utility of their products and services. Those services include providing testing, evaluation, and consultation services. Moreover, David (2011) outlines nine components of a successful mission and vision statement. These nine components include a reference to customers; to products and services; to the markets; to technology; to concern for growth; to overall philosophy; to self-concept and differentiation; to concern for public image; and finally, to employees. On most of these counts, the COMOPTEVFOR mission and vision statements are effective.

The customers of COMOPTEVFOR services include mainly the Chief Naval Officer, a position mentioned in the mission statement. The products and services have been mentioned throughout the mission and vision statement. Implicit in the mission and vision statements of COMOPTEVFOR is that the markets are mainly within the United States of America. Technology is indeed a core component of what COMOPTEVFOR does, and although specific systems are not mentioned, the mission and vision statements unequivocally refer to the fact that effective military testing depends on the use of state-of-the-art technology.

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Concern for growth is also implied, but not directly stated, such as the commitment to "joint warfighting effects." There is, however, no mention of the future survival or profitability of the organization in either the mission or the vision statements. When it comes to expressing self-concept and differentiating the organization from potential competitors, COMOPTEVOR does fall short. COMOPTEVOR's strategic vision expresses a concern for "creating transparency," which can be construed as related to public image. There is no explicit mention of anything else related to public image other than the maintenance of effective and suitable military systems. Finally, a core strength of the COMOPTEVOR mission and vision statements is the mentioning of the employees: in this case, the sailors, marines, airmen, and soldiers that comprise the American armed forces.

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Although the COMOPTEVOR mission and vision statements do not fulfill all the nine components of an effective mission and vision statement, enough of the parameters are fulfilled. COMOPTEVOR would only need to integrate information about how the organization is committed to social and environmental concerns to create a more comprehensive mission and vision. The COMOPTEVOR mission and vision statements do "ensure unanimity of purpose" within the organization in brief, broad, and effective ways (David, 2011, p. 47).


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David, F.R. (2011). Strategic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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