Mixed Methods Survey Research Research Proposal

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¶ … Mixed Methods

Survey research has become increasingly popular in today's world, where the rapid development of technology has all but overtaken human consciousness. Many of the surveys in operation today are conducted with the help of technology or conversely with the purpose of enhancing existing technology. Surveys involve the collection of information by means of responses to questions (Chapter 8, n.d.). As such, it is a very effective method of collecting data from a broad spectrum of people. The largest survey research operation in existence is possibly the Census, where individuals are surveyed for a myriad amount of data, including their demographic, age, living conditions, income, and a number of other factors. This provides the Government and other officials with valuable data regarding the needs of the citizens in the country and what can be done to meet these needs. As such, survey research is a highly effective data collection method and a large amount of research designs and purposes often include at least one form of survey research.

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Survey research tends to be versatile, efficient, and generalizable (Chapter 8, n.d.). There are, for example, a highly versatile collection of survey methods that can be used to collect data. Surveys can be used to collect data about nationally important issues such as education. They can also be used for more focused purposes such as an entertainment company's need to know how many people from a certain demographic would be more likely to visit nightclubs on week nights.

Survey data can also be collected at a relatively low cost and relatively quickly, also enhancing the popularity of this research method. Also, when the central purpose of survey is generalizability, it is highly appealing, since it is the primary method that most accurately reflects the attitudes and characteristics of a large amount of people.

Research Proposal on Mixed Methods Survey Research Has Assignment

Surveys have many advantages, according to Wyse (2012). As mentioned, they are easy developed, not only because of their general nature, but also because of the survey software that is available today. Researchers may, for example, choose to do their data collection online, especially if the survey includes international data or remote areas. Other types of surveys include a mobile survey, paper survey, or combination of modes. Which mode is chosen will depend upon the type and purpose of the survey to be conducted.

While online and mobile surveys tend to be the most cost- and time-effective methods, the danger inherent in these is that there may be people who do not have access to mobile or online technology. Paper surveys and face-to-face interviews can be used to supplement the technological methods in order to reach as large a demographic as possible.

The advantage inherent in advanced survey software is that these often include multi-mode capabilities that include not only online, mobile, and email surveys, but also paper, kiosk, and other types… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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