Research Proposal: Mobile &amp Cloud Computing

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[. . .] Some primary goals of cloud computing include most efficient use of system energy and software management of data resources. Cloud computing is intended to make computing in collaboration easier, more effective, and conservative of energy. Although it is a new technology, cloud computing will gain interest and become more widespread in its use. Cloud computing may seem like a fad, but it has the potential for staying power: "Why we need cloud computing? It is to utilize the vacant resources of computer, increase the economic efficiency through improving utilization rate, decrease the equipment energy consumption." (Zhang et al., "Cloud Computing Research and Development Trend," 2010) Consumption of less energy means more funds for the company to reallocate as appropriate. Consumption of less energy means equipment can be maintained and remain functional for longer, again saving the company money. There are strong reasons for the use of cloud computing, whether practical, economic, or otherwise.

Cloud computing can prove to be a useful economic strategy. Cloud computing within a company can, as aforementioned, reduce costs in various areas. Cloud computing could also provide stimulus to the job market and the economy on a larger scale:

"For enterprises, cloud computing is worthy of consideration and try to build business systems as a way for businesses in this way can undoubtedly bring about lower costs, higher profits and more choice, for large scale industry. After the financial turmoil will be the cost of infrastructure for large-scale compression seems likely; developers, when in the face of cloud computing, through the PaaS model can effectively improve their own capacity. Therefore, the impact of cloud computing on the ISV is the largest of the many roles; for engineers and developers are concerned, the advent of cloud computing will shrink to the development of comprehensive Webcentric development, so that a lot of complex technology to reduce the learning accelerated the pace of career development. There is the advent of cloud computing is bound to birth a number of new jobs. The clouds will grow in size as soon as available bandwidth and the corresponding service model mature enough, cloud computing will bring a revolutionary change in the Internet. Cloud computing announced a low-cost super-computing services to provide the possibility, while there are a large number of manufacturers behind, there is no doubt that cloud computing has a bright future." (Zhang et al., "Cloud Computing Research and Development Trend," 2010)

Therefore, cloud computing has the potential to act as a positive catalyst in several respects. There are possibilities to expand the current job market and skills required of professionals in demand. This may in turn influence current and future education, particularly at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Curricula may have to be amended in order to comply with the demand in the job market for professionals with cloud computing expertise. Cloud computing may also spark advances in technology. Often our ideas are ahead of the current technology, and the ideas help the technology necessary to come to pass or be invented. The old saying goes that "necessity is the mother of invention." If cloud computing requires greater bandwidths and expansion of Internet service, then the technology will adapt to suit the times, or it will cease to exist. Cloud computing is the next step in business computing and may change computing as much as the Internet changed the world:

"…cloud computing provides powerful supports for SAAS (software as a service). It integrates all the companies that provide similar services in the internet in order that users can compare and select service providers. Cloud computing provides dependable and secure data storage center, provides immense possibility for internet application, provides infinite space for storing and managing data, provides powerful computing capacity for users to complete all kinds of application. Future computers may only be used for connecting internet to implement services based on cloud computing. Users will change their habit of using computer totally, from services centered by desktop to services centered by Web. Cloud computing's blueprint is coming…" (Zhang et al., "Cloud Computing Research and Development Trend," 2010)

Below is an illustration that visually captures how cloud computing works:

(Armbrust et al., "A View of Cloud Computing," 2010)

What is mobile cloud computing and how is it related to cloud computing? Mobile cloud computing is just as new and cutting edge as cloud computing alone. It, too, lacks a firm definition, but Huang offers insight with confidence as he states:

"Mobile cloud computing originally is rooted from interdisciplinary research of mobile computing and cloud computing. Existing research tries to cross the disciplines' boundaries by applying cloud computing solutions into mobile applications or incorporating mobile features when constructing new cloud services. However, the immense information involved in mobile cloud applications and the high complexity of designing mobile cloud applications demanded a new transdisciplinary research to better understanding the natures and principles of mobile cloud computing. We call this new transdisciplinary research as mobicloud computing. To simplify the presentation in the following context, the term mobicloud is more frequently used. One important feature of mobicloud applications is functional collaboration." (Huang, "Mobile Cloud Computing," 2011)

With new technology comes new language to describe it. As Huang explains, the concept of mobile cloud computing comes from an intersection of several academic disciplines. This intersection and hybridity also manifests in the terminology of the technology, with the term "mobicloud" as a prime example. It is a hybridization of the words "mobile" and "cloud." Cloud technology and mobile cloud technology affect our interface with technology, our professional interactions, and even the ways in which we speak. What a great influence mobile cloud and cloud technology have though there are so new to the world. We can predict that within certain probabilities, the influence of these technologies will grow, perhaps in ways we have not yet imagined, but should.

Statement of Problem

As with all technologies, there are dangers, concerns, and "kinks" to get out so that the technology may function better and serve us further. Cloud computing and mobile cloud computing are not exempt in this way. Zhang et al. warn users of potentially abusing cloud computing:

"First, if you use cloud computing without technical layout, that is very dangerous. It is just like using electric. If a company or a family think electric is infinite, you can use it casually, then not only it is a big waste, but also it will cause fire hazard of failure of power because of large power consumption. So layout is very important. Second, if the initial investment of every project is small, it is probable that many projects will be launched in haste. It is just like that someone has many children, but he can't foster them. Finally, its result is variable, so the requirement will change with it. The management cost will increase sharply. So we must know clearly, that cloud computing can actually solve some existing questions. But it will bring some new questions as well. In fact whether you choose it is a kind of balance between old and new questions." (Zhang et al., "Cloud Computing Research and Development Trend," 2010)

This is yet another technology where security and privacy of the users and owners of content is at the forefront. This is a new technology; privacy and security have been issues since its inception and not much headway has been made in addressing and/or improving either:

"The production or service of cloud computing is not stable and believable. It's only one of the hazards of cloud computing. In fact, the most worrying question is the privacy of cloud computing. It is reported by world privacy forum that the data based on cloud computing include: the client's record, tax data, finance data, Email, health record, word processing document, excel and powerpoint document. The most popular business application based on internet is salary and client account management. This information is very sensitive. These things happened more than once, and every time the data loss is very big." (Zhang et al., "Cloud Computing Research and Development Trend," 2010)

This would be a good area to research and develop further. One could investigate the specific threats to privacy and security, then go on to actually evaluate the security of information of the cloud and/or propose solutions to the problem of lack of security. This is the primary interest of research in the area of cloud computing: the evaluation and improvement of privacy and security in cloud computing and mobile cloud computing. Below is a table that summarizes the dilemmas of the technology, which can too, be potential areas of research:

(Armbrust et al., "A View of Cloud Computing," 2010)


The research required to address this issue will be quantitative. I can track the use of companies who use cloud computing as well as track the amount of customers who use cloud computing. My research will include who uses cloud computing, for what uses cloud computing is most popular,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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