Mochalicious Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy Research Paper

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Mochalicious Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy Mochalicious

The Company Profile

Mochalicious Coffee is based in Owasso City, Oklahoma, United States. It has successfully developed its brand image in the local market by providing the top quality coffee at very competitive rate. The company offers different flavor variations and seasonal offerings in its major product line.

The Mission Statement of Mochalicious Coffee:

Mochalicious Coffee aims to become the most preferred coffee brand in the United States on the basis of taste, variety, and quality of its coffee products as well as through superior customer services. The company also aims to become a strong entity in both operational and financial terms.

Marketing Strategies of Mochalicious Coffee

Branding Strategies:

Mochalicious Coffee manufactures, promotes, and sells its coffee under its own brand name. With the passage of time, the brand image of the company is becoming stronger and more powerful in the Owasso city market. This brand image has become a competitive advantage of Mochalicious Coffee against its industry rivals.

ii. Pricing Strategies:

Mochalicious Coffee offers a wide range of flavor variations in its coffee product. It has set very competitive price for all variations so that it can effectively encounter the pricing pressures from its competitors. The gradual increase in the prices of Mochalicious coffee products is due to the sudden shift in the raw material, technology, and operational costs in the United States.

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Mochalicious Coffee has a strong and reliable distribution network across the local market. This network enables it to reach potential markets for the promotion and development of its business. The company pays attractive commission to the distributors and strategic business partners for their useful services.

Integrated Marketing Communications and Customer Satisfaction Plan

TOPIC: Research Paper on Mochalicious Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy Mochalicious the Assignment

Mochalicious Coffee uses pull strategy to promote its products at different marketing mediums. The company considers customer satisfaction as an equally important source of business promotion in addition to the traditional promotional strategies. It takes feedback from the customers about the quality, taste, pricing, and distribution of its coffee products. The company's integrated marketing communication and customer satisfaction plan follows a well-defined path which contains a number of sales and marketing objectives. These objectives reflect both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the company's performance.

Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses

Mochalicious Coffee enjoys strong brand loyalty and customer appreciation in the local market. It is an operationally and financially stronger entity which has sufficient manufacturing capabilities to manufacture the top quality coffee products. The company also gives strong focus on customer satisfaction, quality management, research and development, and effective marketing efforts which are the key to a successful future in the industry.

Mochalicious Coffee also has certain weaknesses in its business operations. For instance, it has very limited operations in the local… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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