Mock Crime Scene and Forensics Report Lab Report

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Mock Crime Scene -- Table of Contents

Crime Scenario- Date: November 8, 2011

Location: South Park, Colorado; a small town on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Details: A teacher at South Park Elementary School called the police on the evening of November 1, 2011 at approximately 17:56. She noticed four boys who habitually were together enter the school after hours. Based on her recollection, she identified all four boys as 4th graders Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. When the police arrive, they moved into a classroom and found Kenny with a sword through his face. The other three boys, identified as Stan, Carman and Kyle) were standing in the room pointing at Kenny. Kyle turned to the police and shouted, "Oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastards." The boys then left the room, running. The officers secured the room, collected evidence samples, and sent Kenny's body to the morgue.

At first blush, the scene seems to be some kind of a child' prank gone wrong. Officers immediately bagged the sword, covered the hilt for fingerprint processing, and looked to find and identify any detritus or material around the body, and swabbed for blood. Kenny's blood was typed for further match, and officers asked for a detailed report on any fibers or clothing missing from the body. The police then secured search warrants for all the boys' homes, and collected evidence listed below.

Evidence Inventory -- Evidence was collected in three major categories: D (Drugs), (H) Hair, and (B) Blood. Collection was as follows:Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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D- Samples D1 (Powder from Scene); D2 (from scene), D3 (Victim), D4 (Cartman), D5 (Kyle); D6 (Stan). These samples were taken as part of the scene to see if any traces of the unknown powders or substances could be matched from the scene to the suspects, and/or to establish potential patterns of behavior or substance abuse.

Lab Report on Mock Crime Scene and Forensics Report Assignment

H- Samples H1 (Crime scene); H2 (Crime Scene); H3 (Victim); H4 (Cartman); H5 (Kyle); H6 (Stan). Hair samples were taken to identify potential matches to scene from suspects and to establish their position at time of crime.

B -- Samples B1 (Crime scene); B2 (crime Scene); B3 (Victim); B4 (Cartman); B5 (Kyle); B6 (Stan). Blood samples taken to match to area around victim, or to see if there had been blood transfer from victim to suspect, or vice versa.

18 pieces of D, H and B. evidence were logged in as non-photographic evidence; D, H and B. 1-6 consecutively; D3 is missing from the Evidence Log Sheet, but was entered into evidence and signed by K. Peters on 11.8. Other than this, the chain of custody is complete for non-photographic evidence.

There were 17 photographs taken, and 17 photographs logged in as evidence.

Crime scene photos are grouped as follows:

1-3 Blood pool and footprints at Long, Medium and Close distance ratio.

4-6 Blood pool from long, medium and close distance, focused on right side

7-8 Blood pool focusing left showing hair trace

9 Hair Trace

10-12 Blood pool and powdery substance at different views

13 -- 17 Footprints, measured to show length and width

Analysis of Evidence


Crime Scene Sample

Kyle -- Black Converse (ID 11811F3)

Stan -- Pink/Blue Converse (ID 11811F4)

Cartman- Green Converse (ID 11711F2)

Victim (Kenny) Puma (ID 11711F1)

Long Length

26 cn

26 cm



27 cm

Short Length

12 cm

12 cm

11 cm

11 cm

9 cm

Long Width

9 cm


9 cm

9 cm

8 cm

Short Width

6 cm

5.5 cm

5.5 cm

6 cm

5 cm

Yellow Highlight = closest match, way of walking or standing could account for variability


Crime Scene

Crime Scene 2




Victim (Kenny)



Nitric Acid

Ferric Chloride




Baking Soda





There were 6 different bloods that needed to be tester:

1. The victims' blood: Kenny-11811B3

2. Blood #1 found at scene- 11811B2

3. Blood #2 found at scene- 11811B1

4. Suspect 1: Stan- 11811B6

5. Suspect 2: Cartman- 11811B4

6. Suspect 3: Kyle- 11811B5


1. Take blood 1. To analyze what blood type the victim is to determine which of the bloods found at the crime scene is his.

2. To do this take a glass plate to do the precipitin… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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