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¶ … performance proves my merit and eligibility for this esteemed scholarship fund. As a member of the Honor Society and Dean's List, I have joined the rank of other high achieving students committed to perfecting our skills and honing our vision. My high GPA has remained consistent until recent personal crises. I have started and led extracurricular organizations and clubs including the tennis club swimming club, math club, LGBT club, and chess club. Previous institutions have benefitted from my presence as I represent their missions and values with personal integrity and academic performance. My teachers have referred to me as a role model to other students.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Model Admissions Essay for a Scholarship Assignment

Any incongruity between my recent academic performance, as measured quantitatively only, and my expectations for success can be explained by personal and financial crises beyond my locus of control. When I first started the two-year college program, I juggled the demands of my schoolwork with a full time job. I could not afford to quit the job without any financial aid, so I persisted in pursuing my dreams and my grades did suffer somewhat. I did not intend for the financial constraints to impact my grade point average and overall performance, and I regret needing to eat and sleep. However, I now realize that my academic performance trumps all other considerations and I will work harder than ever before to improve my scores and reach the pinnacle of my class as I have been before my personal troubles began. Furthermore, I would like to mention that in spite of my working full time, my salary had not increased. At first, I worked enough to pay for my tuition but eventually I was forced to work only part time. I relished the opportunity to pour my extra time and energy into my studies, but at this very same time, my parents' business started to flounder and threatened to fail entirely. I come from a background that values family above all else, and believe I have a personal responsibility to help my parents in their tie of need. Therefore, I started to work additional hours, as well as during winter and summer breaks. All of my additional money went to supporting my parents financially, and providing for whatever meager food and other necessities I needed for survival.

I come unfortunately burdened by loan debt that I incurred while attending previous institutions and universities. Having expected to pay off those debts by now, I am sorely disillusioned by the process and fearful for my financial future. Every semester I apply for renewed financial aid to cover my tuition fee and other school expenses. Now I am seeking this scholarship as part of my overall financial aid package and in the hopes that my talents will be recognized independently of my recent grade slumps. I believe that I have a lot to offer, and a lot to prove, if only given the chance. My passion for helping others is unparalleled among my peers. I have worked tirelessly and endlessly to improve the lives of others as well as keeping my own feet on the ground as I pursue my academic career. It makes me uncomfortable to brag about my accomplishments, but I know that it is necessary for me to prove my commitment and my worth. Therefore, I will share some of the highlights of my long history with charitable work.

First, I worked with Amnesty International in a local chapter that helps new immigrants and refugees seek and find legal aid for their troubles. I also served in the office that provides advocacy and outreach for those in need of language instruction and occupational training. I did this for three years, prior to my recent financial struggles. Also during that same time, I worked for the local Humane Society volunteering thirteen hours per week cleaning the animal compartments and occasionally performing bookkeeping work for the office. When I was ten years old, my family took me on a trip to Cambodia and there I witnessed levels of poverty I had not before seen. The experience awakened within me a desire to help others, and since that trip, I have volunteered at several aid organizations that help people in developing countries develop business plans and therefore empower those families to extricate themselves from the cycle of poverty rather than simply donating money as a one-time expense. I firmly believe that people in need to be empowered instead of coddled, supported by business-oriented and market-driven organizations instead of faith-based ones, which keep the recipients of their charitable donations firmly entrenched in the victim consciousness and the belief that supernatural powers will alleviate their pain and suffering. I prefer a more realistic and pragmatic approach to aid work, in which hard work and community advocacy take the place of social control, cultural assimilation, colonization, and indoctrination. Finally, I served with the Brothers and Sisters club in my city, and mentored a child who is nine years old and in foster care. This proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my adult life.

As a recipient of the scholarship, I take my responsibilities and role seriously. I will not let down my colleagues and mentors. I will live up to the trust and expectations others have for me. In the past, I have proven myself worthy of trust, by repaying my debts on schedule, by taking care of my sister who has severe physical disabilities, and by having a perfect track record at my place of employment with zero absenteeism. With a strong sense of ethical and moral duty, I have helped my organization remain committed to its ethical goals by refusing to cut corners in my work and pointing out areas where my supervisors can make improvements to their ethical performance.

To engender trust with my benefactors, I have a strategic plan for achieving my goals once I receive the scholarship trust, and that plan begins with acquiring a paying position in a field that converges with my academic and career goals, rather than positions that simply put bread on the table. While it may be difficult for me to find work in my chosen field, I believe in myself. I will need the assistance of career counselors and guides who can steer me in the right direction. The scholarship will bolster my chances of receiving the optimal position for someone in my chosen field and area of interest.

Second, I intend to begin an aggressive networking and self-promotional campaign using LinkedIn and other resources. Networking with others in my field will allow me to gain possible entry into jobs that will promote my goals, or help me to market my materials in credible ways. My joining hands with other like-minded individuals in my chosen field, I can secure the support I need for the future, and perhaps acquire additional funding to achieve my goals. I may eventually become financially solvent, even prior to graduation. Related to this strategic initiative of mine, I will start a crowd funding campaign that will prove my merits as an entrepreneur. This will improve my brand identity and help me attract investors in the future. If and when I receive this scholarship, I will feel liberated and empowered to pursue my financial and career goals in a more meaningful way, while joining hands with a social network of supportive individuals. The scholarship will prove that I am a trustworthy person worth of investor funds and investor confidence.

Finally, I will work with a life coach or mentor to discover a meaningful work/life balance that I can apply to every area of my current and future life. I would like to continue helping my family, by possibly being able to find investors for their business or help inject money into their operations. I have already begun asking relatives to pitch in so that I am not burdened with the entire obligation of helping them. Some of my relatives have agreed to offset the costs. I had previously felt too proud to ask for their assistance, but given the dire situation I found myself in over the last several months, I knew that the right thing to do was to become more humble and learn how to ask for help. This was the exact moment I realized that I needed more institutional support such as this scholarship, which will also allow me to become a more viable member of my family business. If I take a more active role in my parents' business, not only will their company survive, but I may eventually enjoy having a controlling stake in the organization. This could lead to my investment paying off in the future, as part of my overall financial portfolio.

My visions and dreams hinge upon my receiving this scholarship. I intend to become a visionary architect who designs structures that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements for my clients. Working first in an organization under the tutelage of senior architects and designers,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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