Modern Art a Primary Concern Essay

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This is a purist piece. "Tableu 11" by Mondrian directly addresses the golden ratio and geometry, as it is a series of quadrilaterals of primary colors and black. Mondrian plays with both color and form here. The quadrilaterals without color contextualize the ones with color and the white quadrilaterals balance the work, else it might be overloaded with color, form, and shape. The dispersal of color seems odd, but the overall sense of the work is that it is even (balanced).

Scwitter's "Merzbau" is quite angular and dimensional. There is a lack of curvature and color. This piece is more concerned with movement, shape, and form. Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase" is also primarily concerned with movement and form. Neither piece is focused upon realism. Both pieces want to communicate to the viewer about their respective spaces. Though there is a nude in Duchamp's piece, the piece is more focused on the staircase and the location of the staircase than the nude. "Merzbau" is the place itself and the experience of the place. These pieces are about spaces, dimensionality, and the movement within a space. These works are abstract and subtle. The forms and shapes in the pieces are not inviting, but viewers are drawn in as they endeavor to understand each piece.

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Essay on Modern Art a Primary Concern Assignment

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