Modern Art of the Twenty First Century Thesis

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Modern Art of the 21st Century

Throughout the course of history, artists have used a number of different techniques in illustrating their ideas and thoughts about particular images. This is because various tactics utilized in the past were often incorporated into contemporary thinking. In the 21st century, these views are being used to tell a unique story by embracing these and other attributes. (Rathus) According to Robertson (2012), different beliefs have been utilized to create new ways of expression. (Roberson)

Evidence of this can be seen with her saying, "21st century art is a burgeoning field of practice, research, and publication, making it an incredibly dynamic field of study. Many important topics have been resonating in the new century and inspiring new thinking and scholarly debate. Moreover, other topics that were discussed in the late 20th century which remain vital for the analysis of 21st century art and visual culture including: semiotics, feminism and post modernism. These new techniques are emerging from a vast variety of materials and means. These include the latest electronic technologies such as digital imaging and the Internet." (Roberson)

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These views are showing how contemporary art of the 21st century is focusing on practices from the past which are incorporated with new tools and tactics. The combination of these elements is designed to provide the reader with a unique way of understanding different stories and ideas that are expressed. To fully understand what is taking place, there will be a focus on a five different contemporary works. This will be accomplished by looking at: A Day in the Forrest, Coming Home, Between Mother & Earth, Night Owls and Even Silence Speaks. Together, these elements will highlight how modern ideas are combined with a variety of themes to tell a unique story.

A Day in the Forrest

TOPIC: Thesis on Modern Art of the Twenty First Century Assignment

A Day in the Forrest is taking an expressionist approach. This is when there is a focus on using more abstract concepts to understand different ideas and insights of the artist. The work is located in Stuart, Florida. It was created by Igal Fedida in 2006. The painting is talking about his insights of the way various individuals are interacting with each other. This is taking place through showing what appears, to be the images of various individuals and shapes that are interacting with each other. (Day) ("Igal Fedida") (Rathus)

However, they are blurred on a black and grey background that are intermingling them with one another. This is designed to show how everyone is going through different stages of their lives and the relationship that they have with each other. When this happens, the viewer will have a greater understanding about relationships and the role that everyone is playing in the process. (Day) ("Igal Fedida")

Moreover, it is illustrating a sense of confusion and isolation by taking a darker approach through the use of color and how they are presented. The images are designed to create a sense of confusion and force the individual to look at these beliefs more carefully. This is showing how Fedida is taking concepts from the past and is combining them with contemporary views. The way that this is occurring is through using expressionism to enforce these concepts on everyone. Once this takes place, is the point that the viewer will have a greater understanding of these beliefs and they can see how the Fedida is utilizing these techniques to influence them. This is taking abstract techniques from the 20th century and it is combining them with current thinking. (Day) ("Igal Fedida")

Coming Home

Coming Home was created by David Hatton. The work is currently displayed in Germany. It was created in 2008. The painting is showing a series of waves with a boat washing up on a set of green and white tiles. In the background are dark colors. The boat is illustrated in gray, black and tan. It is depicting someone who is struggling to find their way home through the seas of life. Then, when they reach their destination is the point that they will feel a sense of comfort and safety. This is illustrated through the green and white tile. (Day) ("David Hatton") (Rathus)

While at the same time, it is empty which is showing how the individual has reached their destination. These elements are designed to connect with the viewer emotionally by creating different feelings they will have during this process. Once this takes place, is when everyone will have a greater appreciation for these ideas and their underlying meaning. This work is taking the styles of the past and it is using them to show the pressures that everyone will face in modern day society. (Day) ("David Hatton")

Between Mother and Earth

Between Mother and Earth was created by Marianne Monnoye -- Termeer. It was completed in 2010 and is located in the Netherlands. The statue is showing a baby holding onto a woman. She is embracing a globe. This is taking a naturalist type of approach by illustrating the balance between human kind and the Earth. The way that this is occurring is through having these different elements combined with each other in the form of a black-glass image. (Rathus) (Day) ("Marianne Monnoye -- Termeer")

This is designed to provide the viewer with a greater understanding of the vulnerability of the planet in contrast with the way it is being treated by contemporary society. The combination of these factors is helping to offer a better comprehension of everyone's own vulnerabilities. When this happens, the viewer will have an appreciation for what is taking place. This will cause them to become motivated to do something in addressing these challenges in the future. These factors are showing how this taking the techniques of the past and combining them with 21st century issues. (Rathus) (Day) ("Marianne Monnoye -- Termeer")

Night Owls

Night Owls was created by Cathe Hendrick. It was created in 2012 and the location is unknown. The painting is considered to be taking semiotics and a feminist approach. This is occurring by showing an owl in the background that is superimposed with the leg of woman walking in the foreground. In the background are a series of dark colors which is used to illustrate the night time environment. While at the same time, there are brown, grey and tan colors when it moves closer to the center. (Rathus) (Day) ("Cathe Hendrick")

These factors are illustrating a sense of realism. The way that this is occurring is by having the owl and woman close to each other. When this happens, the viewer can see that these ideas are depicting someone who is out at night having a good time. This is the point that they can understand the atmosphere and independence the woman is feeling (by living the kind of life she chooses). These factors help everyone to comprehend the ideas of the artist and the background settings. This is taking the concepts from the past and it is integrating them with those of contemporary society. (Rathus) (Day) ("Cathe Hendrick")

Even Silence Speaks

Even Silence Speaks was created by Susan Elliot. It was painted in 2003 and is located in England. The work is showing series of trees that are in a grey background with a white foreground. As the trees become bigger is when these images are enhanced by taking a naturalist approach. This is designed to instill a sense of tranquility, peace and respect for the outdoor world. When this happens, the viewer has a greater appreciation for serenity and the need to protect the environment. (Rathus) (Day) ("Susan Elliot")

This painting is taking the techniques from the 20th century and they are combining them with contemporary ideas to create a sense of understanding on: why it is imperative to protect the environment. It is at this… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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