Modern-Day Globalization Is an Extraordinarily Essay

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¶ … modern-day globalization is an extraordinarily complicated phenomenon which can be described as "an intensification of cross-national cultural, economic, political, social and technological interactions that lead to the establishment of transnational structures and the global integration of cultural, economic, environmental, political and social processes on global, supranational, national, regional and local levels" (Huynen, Martens & Hilderink 2005). The world is experiencing perceptive and complex changes due to globalization. This current trend has, however, brought both new opportunities and risks along with it. In the similar fashion, the impacts of globalization have raised a number of concerns (Huynen, Martens & Hilderink 2005). It will not be incorrect to state that globalization is, without a doubt, apparent in understanding global change of the contemporary times.

It is crystal clear that events like terrorism, environmental changes and problems like poverty, wars, and manmade catastrophes have an adverse effect on the national agendas of more or less every government in the world. The world is in need of pushing additional global solutions for the impending problems. In the current times, some governments/nations prefer regional solutions. On the other hand, others favor national/domestic resolutions.

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TOPIC: Essay on Modern-Day Globalization Is an Extraordinarily Assignment

According to Scholte, globalization is the process that helps social life to respacialize. He provides a concrete argument that if globalization is considered as the respatialization of social life, it transforms the different kinds of notions and beliefs that people hold regarding nations, the world and the relationship of peoples with the countries etc. On the other hand, Nick Bisley has studied and evaluated the phenomenon of globalization very deeply. He has considered its nature and extent thoroughly. In addition, Bisley also provided great evaluation on the major debates encompassing globalization. According to Bisley, globalization is the set of societal/collective outcomes that are produced as a consequence of the accelerating interpersonal connections linking people and sharing knowledge, goods and resources between societies and nation-states (Bisley 2007).

Reporting of Global Issue: Poverty

In most cases, poverty is regarded as both a cause and a consequence when human rights are violated in a social order. Poverty is a global issue that requires instant preventive actions by governments and the respective human rights organizations. The dilapidated and underprivileged class of the society has the right to each, and every single human right be it independence, suffrage, accommodation, job etc. This is because poverty and isolation are twisted and tousled with chauvinism, narrow-mindedness, lack of assets and prospects and humiliating behaviors. It is not an untold secret that denial of basic rights to the poor makes it difficult for them to participate and contribute for the betterment of society as they are not provided with the necessary facilities and resources (Arbour 2006).

In most of the societies found all over the world, especially those in African, Asian and Latin American continents, the underprivileged poor class is unable to enjoy the basic human rights of receiving housing facilities, education and health.Consequently, they do not participate in the communal activities and do not have any say in amending the policies that have adverse effects on their quality of life. In addition to this, their circumstances are also worsened due to the unavailability of justice (Arbour 2006). The most dreadful fact in this connection is "every three seconds a child dies as a direct result of poverty" (Bicknell 2005).

All things considered, poverty consists of problems such as insufficient earnings and minimal assets. Moreover, it also gives rise to problems like lack of resources, absence of job opportunities and unsafe situations. Due to such miserable facts, the dignity of the poor destabilizes. It can be said that a major number of poor people go through the trials of "poverty and disempowerment not only in income and consumption terms, but also in terms of exclusion, the lack of personal and community security, and the absence of justice in their lives" ("Land Reform Cited as" 2000). On the other hand, approximately everybody who is a member of the upper class (in societies worldwide) considers poverty as an ill-fated but unintentional condition. A number of people regard poverty as an inescapable result of poor choices and inopportune events or the exclusive responsibility of the victims (Arbour 2006). Nevertheless, it is easy to observe that the inadequacy of productive resources has not affected or declined the global living standards. It can be said that poverty is one of those human issues that have globalized in an era of brisk industrialized and scientific advancement (Chossudovsky 1998).

For all such reasons, there is an instant need of a thoughtful and wide-ranging human rights approach. It is the responsibility of every state to recognize its obligations. It should provide protection to the poor populations. Every government is liable to take responsibility and work towards creating a productive, advantageous and supportive environment for all citizens. There is also a need to give global attention to combat poverty and to recognize "human rights, security and development as indispensable elements of a world where all people could live in larger freedom" (Arbour 2006). As a matter of fact, one out of seven people in the world suffers from hunger. For that reason, the issue of poverty must be handled as a global problem and governments must tackle poverty both regionally and internationally as it is a high threat to human rights. The developed countries are also required to plummet trade disfiguring grants, promote open markets, support job creation in both national and international markets, rescind additional arrears, fight against transmittable and contagious disease, avoid and resolve disagreements and give a hand for the revitalization and upturn of post-conflict civilizations and cultures (Rice 2006).

It is exceedingly important to consider the poor people whenever the challenge of global poverty is addressed. This is significant for the development of poverty reductions plans. Poor people must be considered as a productive societal part instead of burdens. In order to give empowerment to the poor people, it is necessary to put honest efforts in the endeavor. Poor people are required to be involved as developers in the process of societal development, progress and improvement. As mentioned above, globalization has connected people and societies. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that the affected country cannot drive the process of development alone. Globalization makes it the responsibility of all governments to come forward and eradicate poverty from the face of the earth. The reduction of poverty must be taken as a global mission and all the societal players and contributors including "civil society, (including NGOs, foundations, universities and research institutions and faith-based community groups) the private sector, bilaterals, the other multilaterals, governments and their parliaments" (Wolfensohn 2001) must grip this task. Donors can also be coordinated for the harmonization of operational strategies and processes on a global level. Geographical boundaries must be completely ignored so that developmental challenges can be addressed on both regional and global levels. The poverty menace is increasing day by day. About a 3rd of the total population in the less-developed countries is surviving in less than $1 per day. If the LDCs do not take immediate steps for the reduction of poverty, it will ultimately affect the whole world order as it will turn out to be a more destabilized, uncertain and believably insecure place (Wolfensohn 2001).

The world has globalized in the recent times. It is not guaranteed that problems occurring in some parts of the world have no effect on the other less vulnerable parts. For example, the spread of transmissible and contagious diseases can affect any country. For that reason, the time requires both rich and poor countries to work in a mutual way to attack poverty. This is because cooperation can enable the world to face any challenge as one (Wolfensohn 2001). Wide acknowledgment is given to microfinance as a successful means for the reduction of poverty whereby small loans are provided to the poor people. Although a lot of people and societies discourage microfinance, it is still playing a major role in the developmental processes on an international level. According to a World Bank report, microfinance is giving monetary access to the pitiable and deprived people all over the world. It has helped them to increase their incomes by means of self-employment and empowerment. Family planning is another strategy that can be employed for the reduction of poverty. Poverty can be alleviated through proper family planning. It is also recommended by anthropologists and sociologists that the international community must put the use of contraceptive pills and condoms back at the top of their agenda if it is serious about poverty alleviation on a global level. The example of China is best in this connection as the Chinese government introduced the one-child policy in China in 1979. This policy was introduced to control the country's population whereby every family was limited to have a single child.

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