Transportation IT Modernization Effects Research Paper

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Modernization of Internet Technology and Its Effects on the Transportation Industry

SITA a dominating leader in the sphere of IT consultancy and 'air transport communication' concluded lately a 5-year period of agreement involving services of applications that assist in addition of new competence a well as value to the prevailing product line of SITA. SITA provides and maintains business remedies for airport, airline, international systems of delivery, government and other forms of clients over a widened network which plays the backdrop of the communications with regard to the international transport industry. SITA is the devoted partner for information technology being established and owned by the community of air transport. (HP News release, 2010) Information Technology -- IT industry has entered into the primary functionalities of entailing improved services and security for freight as well as passengers. However, this is not the only sphere of transformation of IT as well as its influence on the transportation industry.

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A large amount number of handicapped, poor and elderly populations have the deficiency of acquiring private vehicles. Therefore, they are puzzled to find out substituted mode for transportation, the payment as well as its security. Most of the older individuals are not capable of driving a car safely. In the similar manner people with mental or for that matter physical disability and those who cannot manage to pay for a car strive to find out some primary transportation method. The major apprehension of IT and its advanced appliances are to allocate a mode for transportation for the non-advantaged population an improved as well as easy mode for attaining better transportation. (Paniati, Hynes, 2006)

TOPIC: Research Paper on Transportation IT Modernization Effects Assignment

The disadvantaged form of transportation is a concept applicable for those older persons, persons having handicaps and persons having low levels of incomes that regularly cannot have accessibility for transportation or have only a confined accessibility for transportation. These individuals require elastic but dependable schedules as also routes, very easily comprehensible information relating to travel, fares which are of low-cost and which are easy for comprehension as well as transportation which is protected and harmless. (Paniati, Hynes, 2006)

Apart from that, another difficulty faced by the transportation sector is the traffic congestion on the roads of most of the urban areas across the United States of America. Besides that, another problem confronted by the transportation industry relates to the congestion of traffic on most of the urban roads around USA. Irrespective of prolonged striving and public expenditure worth of billions to ease the congestion, the crisis emerges to become more problematic. During the period from 1980-1999, the mileage of vehicle travel on the U.S. roads increased by 76%. On the other hand, the lane miles had enhanced by only about 3%. The typical daily volumes of vehicles on the interstates in urban areas increased by 43% during the period from 1985-1999, which in absolute terms is from 10.331 million to that of 14.757 million. (Wachs, 2002)

An analysis based on the survey report of about sixty eight urban areas brought out during 2001 by the Texas Transportation Institute indicated that the percentage of daily commuting during periods of congestion enhanced from 32% during 1982 to that of 45% during the period of 1999; an average motorist confronted about 7 hours on a daily basis of roadways which are congested during 1999 vis-a-vis only that of 5 hours during 1982. The Federal Highway Administration interprets the road interruptions as travel time surpassing that at free flow circumstances, which is observed to have enhanced by 8.5% during the period from 1993-1997. The overcrowding also contaminates the air and destroys valuable fuel. (Wachs, 2002)

The indicated figures reveal that monotony and hazards relating to transportation system of the most modern cities. IT is persistently helping to assist and assuage the critical issues relating to transportation and to entail improved remedies. IT and related services have a prospect to execute the better modes to alleviate such issues. (Baily, Brian, 1994)

Improvement in Transportation

The transportation network in any of the big cities includes roads, railways, civil aviation, inland waterways and coastal routes. Roads as well as inland water routes are the primary means of transportation between cities or short duration transportation, whereas coastal shipping and railways are the chief methods for transportation to other states and cities. Many private and public transportation owners come together for entailing improved services for the consumers, the common people. (U.S.-China Business Council, 1993) Many new divisions are being dedicated for the advancement as well as implementing of IT. (Robert, 2008)

The transportation service entailers deploy the ITS to entail traveler data, reduce costs, lessen the travel hours and entail more facilitated schedules as well as routes. These expertises incorporate geographical equipment and software like geographical information system -- GIS, automatic vehicle location -- AVL, mobile data computers --MDCs, mobile data terminals -- MDTs, computer-aided dispatch -- CAD, in addition to the integration and coordination software. The integration software might be applied to make coordination of payment of fare as also billing functions, counting of passengers, location of vehicles or other operational as well as functional necessities, passenger counting, vehicle location, or other functional and operational requirements (Paniati, Hynes, 2006)

Besides, Information Technology related services as also service providers relating to software development also strive to entail good and dependable software products to entail re-issue of tickets and software for refund that assists in decreasing the time factor of the authority for marketing and entail reduced responsibilities in comparison to custom formation. Such software goods also better the standards relating to passenger services. (HP News release, 2010)

Presently, it is possible for the travelers to find out and accumulate directions towards their targeted privileges via their vehicles by means of portable computers, laptops or by means of GPRS system cell phones or largely applied devices included in the dash boards of their laptops. Most recently prevailing data is equivalent to the conventional road atlas where the data relating to route is not yet tailored by information on present traffic situations. (Wachs, 2002)

Ever since the last three decades, the authorities regulating transportation and traffic in U.S. cities have been steadily including recently developed technology and instruments focused on ITS into the road paths as well as vehicles wherein they might entail enhanced growingly useful data for management of effective and accurate flows relating to traffic. The reports relating to traffic could be found by applying 'loop detectors' that been covered under the freeways as well as arterial streets. The data entailed by such loop detectors is applied to offer estimation with regard to the travel hours as well as speeds with a large level of correctness. (Wachs, 2002)

Most of the advanced authorities of various cities apply such information to use the timings of traffic signs wherein they could make the most of the flows regarding the portions of the 'street networks.' The CCTV's and cameras have been instituted on the bridges and at busy cross roads. Such cameras provide the additional information to the data retrieved via loop-hole detectors and both in combination offer video and information of incidents to the centers of traffic control. The centers of traffic control include such information and offer a time frame for a couple of emergency vehicles as well as trucks wherein they could be dispatched whenever required at increased speed levels. (Wachs, 2002)

Equivalent information technologies as well as tools are applied in the rail transport system. Suitable traffic as well as location information on rail tracks also makes it convenient to devises a specific as well as accurate mode of dissuading any collision. (Daly, 1999) The aviation segment as also airplanes are being applied for transportation amidst the country and transportation in foreign countries. Suitable IT devices also assist in entailing suitable signal systems for dissuading any air related hazards.

A major burst of IT and its influence on advancing the services of transportation is noticeable in the advancement of transportation functions. Further, co-ordination permits enhanced elasticity for the traveling rider in planning and arranging trips. The elasticity put forth rider's alternatives for chalking out appointments, like personal, medical and back forth commutes. By using correct information, the agencies could find out the routes require vehicles having particular planning as well as elements like restraint accommodations and wheelchair loading and can entail elasticity in the time frame for such routes. For the travelers belonging to lower income groups, elasticity is required also for reaching at critical stops like locations of childcare as well as shopping malls. About round the clock service might be essential for reverse commutes along with convenient connections which are multimodal not having subject to prolonged waits. (Paniati, Hynes, 2006).

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