Mohammed Professional Values in Hey Research Paper

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He focused on the positive aspects of his new faith, rather than what was wrong about other religions. Similarly, a business must concentrate on what it can do for its customers, rather than dwell upon trying to slander them. A business will always be regarded as second best and an also-ran, if it markets itself primarily against other organizations by stressing their defects, but never demonstrates what things of value it can offer to consumers. A brand must be unique and stand alone in terms of its message.

Mohammed's message was also very simple and clearly-stated. Look at the website of any successful organization and note how it delineates its principles. Usually they are relatively simple -- there are few long, rambling mission statements. Mohammed based his faith upon five basic pillars. The first is professing faith in God and his prophet; the second is daily prayer facing Mecca five times a day; the third is charity and alms-giving; the fourth is fasting during the month of Ramadan; the fifth is making a pilgrimage to Mecca (Life of Mohammed, 2002, PBS). These five common pillars unite all Muslims, regardless of where they live in the world, their ethnicity, race, or nationality. Similarly, a business organization must have simple, uniting principles, particularly when it is wide-spread and dispersed throughout the world in today's global business environment.

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The need for the pilgrimage shows how there must be one singular, central location where all members unite, to reaffirm their core values and also to see one another, affirming their diversity and strength. That is why successful organizations have 'team building' sessions and take other measures to ensure that employees are in contact with one another. This contact can now take place virtually, over email, but it is best conducted face-to-face. (To encourage this, many organizations like Google have free or discounted cafeterias, to encourage workers to eat together, as well as host organized fun social obligations.)

Research Paper on Mohammed Professional Values in Hey. Assignment

The need for charity is another important professional principle that was endorsed by Mohammed. Charitable giving is a vital component of many for-profit as well as not-for-profit organizations. It generates good will for the organization in the public eye. As more and more corporations have been accused of misdeeds, the old model of a company that is merely profit-focused is no longer acceptable. People are interested in knowing where their products come from (for example, if coffee is 'Fair Trade' or if their chickens are raised with organic feed) and also how they are produced. Collective, charitable actions by companies, such as in-house events like walk-a-thons, clothing, and blood drives can also create a sense of unity amongst workers. Mohammed recognized that charity is good for the giver as well as the receiver, and helps all of society.

The one problem with Mohammed's life as a template for business is something he cannot be faulted for: because of his untimely demise, he had no officially named successor. In a business, the organization should be able to work seamlessly, even if the leader is removed. This is not to detract from the immeasurable importance that a great leader can offer an organization, or the need for strong and coherent leadership. But corporations must be designed so that they can and will survive, even after their founders pass on. This has been true of Apple, which has been able to survive in the marketplace, even after the loss of its charismatic CEO. Every organization must have standard operating procedures to deal with a change of leadership, if it is to survive into the new millennia.


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