Mongol Plague the Mongols Creative Writing

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He describes his exit from the court, and final words by Mangu Khan, stating, "Finally he said: 'You have along way to go, comfort yourself with food, so that you may reach your country in good health.' And he had me given to drink, and then I went out from before him, and after that I went not back again."[footnoteRef:11] These do not seem to be the actions of a vicious leader, despite previous reports by Ibn al-Athir describing the plague that was the Mongols. [9: "William of Rubruck."] [10: "William of Rubruck."] [11: "William of Rubruck."]

Ibn al-Athir's account of the invasion of the Tatar's is ghastly, quite appropriately describing the timeless pain of a once-conquered people. He is, however, mistaken in stating, "For indeed history does not contain anything which approaches or comes near unto it."[footnoteRef:12] History is rife with such stories, including the Christian-led Crusades, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, and, quite recently, the American occupation of Vietnam. Innumerable atrocities were committed within each incident, and on behalf of countries which are now, in most instances, attempting to uphold peace. Therefore, criticism of this particular conquest would be more than warranted, given the savagery and swiftness; however, broad criticism of the Mongols as a people and culture is not at all warranted. [12: William of Rubruck."]

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Creative Writing on Mongol Plague the Mongols, Like Assignment

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