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Monte Alban lasted for more than a millennium and at its height had a population of up to 30,000 people. It was a very powerful regional centre for the Oaxacia Valleys. (Weaver, M.P. p 98) the reason for the rise of Monte Alban is not entirely clear but was probably the result of a decision by a group of people who possibly may have had differences with their neighbors. This would also explain the early building of fortifications and defenses.

However, the development of the settlement was to have a great effect on the region and it developed into a major centre. The position of the site for the capital was also well placed as it "...was on neutral ground, strategically and diplomatically situated in the centre of the three valleys with wonderful visibility in all directions." (ibid)

This fact might also have helped to make the settlement successful. Indications of the development and power of the settlement was the show of military power." An estimated 300...slabs were carved, a truly tremendous display of military power." (Weaver, M.P. p 98)

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However, decline began during the seventh century a.D. There was a general decline in the reparations of walls and buildings and the city population began to drop. The great Plaza was eventually abandoned. One of the possible reasons for this is that resources became scarce. Another more probable reason is the corruption of officials and the decline of the economic system which then caused people to leave. However, the decline of Monte Alban could not just be due to local problems alone but also seems to be associated with the decline of a larger system of economic and diplomatic structures.

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There were a number of forces and influences that led to the decline and fall of Teotihuacan. This decline began after 500 a.D., with commercial ties being severed with various areas, such as northwestern Mexico and the Guatemalan Highlands. (Weaver M.P. p 203) the Teotihuacan Corridor had also been closed by eastern competitors. (ibid) the capital had been a major influence of economic and political power for more than 500 years and one of the reasons for its decline was that "perhaps her allies had become resentful. " (ibid) Another possibility for the decline was that the authorities may have "overextended the commercial networks." (ibid) There is also evidence that points to possible mismanagement as a factor in this decline. The city, despite this decline, was able to maintain its functioning and appearance for many years and "... The city looked very prosperous" during Metepec. (Weaver M.P. p 204) it was also to remain the largest urban centre for the next hundred years.

The fire that devastated the city was deliberately set and systematically… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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