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The moon's varied surface provides ample opportunity for every situation. The mountains provide heights from which to garner the best views of earth. Craters provide cover from space debris, especially windy days and other adverse weather conditions. For the purpose of our escape, gravity will be simulated in our makeshift living quarters and gravitational jet packs will provide transportation along the moon's surface while keeping us tethered to the ground. No computers will accompany us on our trip; no electronics will require maintenance, power sources or attention. Exercise will come from the natural motions of getting around in space, and not from artificial machines that are designed to simulate the practice of exercising.

How important would it be to socialize with other human beings? To have access to popular forms of entertainment, to be able to apply one's mind or hands to a worthy endeavor? At first, not at all. At first, the escape would entail the very idea of abandoning these very things. Over time, however, research has shown that these are fundamental human needs. There are, then, two possible solutions. The moon could serve as a temporary respite, an escape to which one could enter and leave at will. The second option would be to build the necessary infrastructure to satisfy those human needs on the moon, a type of manned space shelter.

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Option two, however, would violate the very essence of escaping to the moon. With more and more people discovering and traveling to the shelter, it would soon mirror earth in aspects of relationships, distribution and support systems, transportation bottlenecks and arguments over resources. Soon we will need to find a new refuge, such as mars, if we are to truly escape the things of man in privacy and seclusion. We will be forced to reach farther and farther for the outer stretches of the universe for some semblance of peace. And, like here on earth, it will become harder and harder to find.

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The Artemis Society is already in the process of establishing a "private venture to establish a permanent, self-supporting community on the Moon."3 The Artemis project is more elaborate than our pithy fantasy of escapism. They are developing elaborate schemes for interplanetary travel, complete with program plans, spacecraft designs, shelter constructs, the development of commerce, and ways to extract oxygen from the moon's lunar soil. Perhaps true escape is only temporary. Perhaps, we will never be truly alone.


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