Is Moral Development Possible? Essay

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¶ … Moral Development possible?

The concept of moral development is the prime component of the report. The aims and objectives of moral development have elucidated its significance in an individual's life and how the practice of moral development can shape the individual's life and his personality. Moreover, few theories on moral development have also been explained in order to enlighten the importance and implication of the model. Indeed, a personal analysis of current level of moral development has also been incorporated to authenticate its value.

Is Moral Development possible?

Introduction to Moral Development

Since all individual live collectively in a society, thus it becomes essential to act and react accordingly in a socially well manner. Considering the significance, aims and objectives of moral development, the question "Is Moral development possible?" are highly raised, and hence is the thesis statement.

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The good and bad aspects had been into existence since the man first walked on the planet Earth, which is very similar to the example of coin that has two sides. This means that people from all over the world are either involved in violating laws or obeying the principles. The actions of the individuals determine their levels of mortality and to what extent moral developed is learned. Moral development, in this regard, is one of the concepts that lay key emphasis on the principles and ethics of humanity which is learned and practiced by an individual throughout his life from the early years throughout the adulthood period (Gibbs, 2003).

In other words, it is a model that facilitates a person in developing appropriate attitudes, actions and conduct toward other people that are residing with them in a society. The conduct of a person is usually based on social and cultural norms, rules and laws. This means that the beliefs, emotions, attitude and behaviors are few of the essential elements that contribute to the moral development understanding (Gibbs, 2003).

TOPIC: Essay on Is Moral Development Possible? Assignment

Therefore, the education of moral development has become a serious concern for not only parents, but also for schools and teachers. The eventual and vital goal of every parent is to make their children distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. In this regard, the primary aim and objective of moral development is believed to provide an individual with the skill and capability to respond socially and morally with the people around them (Gibbs, 2003).

Characteristics of a Developed Person

Education and learning of the concept of moral development in the contemporary society has become one of the grave concerns, as it is profoundly dependent upon how a personality is formed and shaped in the later stages of life. However, the moral and ethical principles cannot be entrenched since birth, as it is learned by the humans as they grow. The person who is morally developed means that he or she is properly following the pre-defined norms, rules and ethical conduct. In this regard, one of the Greek philosophers Aristotle has also stated that the ultimate purpose of studying ethics is to become good (Boss, 2010).

The qualities of moral development in an individual help them in their personality growth and bring out a more better and positive image within the society that he or she is living. Moreover, it has also been observed that students who gain the education on moral development and social values are less likely to be involved in the social issues such as crime, violence, murder and suicidal attempts and so forth (Boss, 2010).

Characteristics of a Person in need of Moral Development

While looking at the other end of the spectrum, when an individual is more likely to be involved in various crimes, violence or non-friendly activities, it means that they are in need of moral development technique that can help them become better persons and perform good or socially acceptable actions. When an individual is unable to distinguish between what is right and wrong, he or she becomes incapable of performing in a socially well manner. The actions and conduct of a person that make them follow the unethical behaviors apparently explicates the fact that these people in need of moral development learning and awareness (Boss, 2010).

A time comes in every individual's life when they misbehave or act selfishly and hurtfully. However, if these actions become regular and increases with time, which cannot be controlled, it evidently exhibits that the person is in need of moral development learning and education (Boss, 2010).

Role of Moral Reasoning

When deeply considering the process of moral development, moral reasoning is a part this process that is involved with the thinking practice that can help the person determine if they are going on the correct direction or the wrong direction. Before a person can determine the right or wrong, he or she needs to analyze the intention of the thing that needs to be accomplished (Killen & Smetana, 2006).

Moral reasoning is usually defined as the course of action that is based on the sense of logic, which helps an individual in distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong in a particular situation. Therefore, moral reasoning is the action that is taken by the individual when they are sure that they are following the right path. In other words, the universal ethical principles and abstract reasoning are the two aspects on which moral reasoning is based (Killen & Smetana, 2006).

Role of Praxis in Moral Development

Moral reasoning is not enough, as thinking needs to be practiced and put into actions. However, an action does not have a concrete starting point, as any action is initiated or performed with either a situation or a question. Praxis is therefore, the practical exercise or performance of moral action to act truly and rightly that can lead to further human well being and a good life (Rowe, 2009).

In other words, praxis is informed and committed action that enables an individual to be involved in the situation as committed thinkers. It has been believed by experts that praxis is a quite risky action as well as creative due to the reason that it obliges the person to make a wise, sensible and careful judgment with reference to the actions that needs to be taken in a particular situation (Rowe, 2009).

Current State of Moral Development for most People of your age in America

Various researches and investigations have come up to the idea that most people of younger generation are largely influenced by their emotions when moral development is concerned. Due to this reason, the common level on which most of the American youths stand is the second level or the conventional morality level. The younger generation is more likely to adopt the conventional level of moral reasoning in order to be accepted by a larger group of other young people (Killen & Smetana, 2006).

Investigations have also concluded that more and more schools are focusing on the importance of character development programs, so that they can bring out a better person that can shape their personalities towards the contribution of making a better society. On the other hand, it has been believed that many of the American adolescents fail to learn moral values, due to which they are still in the earlier stages of the second level. However, the educational institutions are moreover focusing on conventional stage of moral development that accentuates on living up to social expectations (Daft, 2008).

Analysis of personal Current Level of Moral Development

While taking into account the moral development concept, I am also a firm believer of the universal moral principles and I have a fear from the ultimate power of God. By looking at my current level of moral development, I am open minded and a skeptic with the exception when the existence of God is concerned. According to a personal opinion, all the actions that are acceptable do not mean that they are morally acceptable or ethical. For instance killing an intruder in self-defense or in war is even though justifiable, yet it is not moral for me due to the reason that these kinds of actions are violating the basic human rights.

For me, moral development applies when I'm straight forward, and follow my keen sense of logic. This makes me tolerant and I respect all the ethical values and oral principles as long as it doesn't violate the fundamentals that represent the respects for others, humanity and so forth. Therefore, in my views moral development is possible because we all are evolving.

Furthermore, I have a belief that God is the ultimate power, and the One created our senses of morality. He did this by providing us with the guidelines that is shaped along the way through our acquired knowledge, understanding, reasoning, perceptions, likes and dislikes, our culture, race, religion, our society, and so on. Indeed, I am between conventional moral reasoning and autonomous, but have a more incline towards the autonomous side.

Personally, I have a belief that moral development is an ongoing evolving… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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