Term Paper: Moral Dilemma Jane Thinks of Herself

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Moral Dilemma

Jane thinks of herself as a good and moral person. She goes to church on Sunday and tries to treat others fairly. She is a senior in college. Soon she will have her degree so she can teach school. When she was a freshman, towards the end of the term, she got sick with flu and had to be in bed five days. She had a paper due and was too sick to work on it. Her sister suggested that she buy a paper on the Internet. Desperate, Jane ordered a paper for the class. She felt kind of guilty about it, but what could she do? Nothing bad happened. She wasn't caught, and she got a good grade in the class.

Gradually, over the next couple of years, Jane got into the habit of buying papers. When she wanted to go on a holiday, for example, she ordered a paper instead of staying home and writing one. If the topic for a paper was boring, or too much work, she ordered a paper. It became a rather frequent occurrence. Now, however, Jane has started her practice teaching. She wants her students to learn how to write, so that when the No Child Left Behind Act is enforced by testing, her students will pass. If they don't, it will reflect on her. How can she demand that her students do… [END OF PREVIEW]

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