Moral Philosophy What Moral Compass Research Paper

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¶ … Moral Philosophy

What moral compass do you use: Kohlberg's Moral Reasoning, a professional Code of Ethics, or God's word?

The most important moral guidance in my life are God's principles more so than their literal interpretations by man. Since entering Kohlberg's post-conventional stage of moral reasoning, it has become more difficult for me to accept interpretations of God's words that seem to conflict with fundamental principles of God's love. Where such conflicts seem to exist, I apply my most genuine attempt to reconcile the apparent discrepancies and I do what seems to be most consistent with God's principles.

What is your trump card?

My trump card is the principle of do unto others. In my experience, this is the most important of God's principles with respect to human relations and also to the way we treat all living things. In every respect, I try to remember to reverse situations in my mind and imagine circumstances as though I were on the receiving end of my contemplated behavior.

3. What governs your behavior?

In principle, the Golden Rule governs my behavior more than any other concept in human affairs. I try to be truthful and considerate, and as fair as possible to my fellow man at all times and to remind myself that none of us is perfect or above making mistakes. I try to treat others as I would have them treat me at all times.

4. What reasons do you give for your choices?

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Generally, I try to make sure that my choices are the product of objective principles and never the product of self-interest. Likewise, I try to uphold any values or standards that I expect of others and I try to understand the same failings in others of which I am capable as well.

5. Why do you think an Evangelical University has such a huge problem with blatant cheating and plagiarism?

TOPIC: Research Paper on Moral Philosophy What Moral Compass Do You Assignment

If I had to guess (without passing judgment), I would imagine that plagiarism is a problem because students rationalize their behavior. They may figure that "everyone else is doing it" or they may rationalize that their plagiarism is "not hurting anybody." More generally, I would imagine that students who cheat in any way have lost sight of the fact that the main purpose of their education is to learn and that grades are secondary to that goal.

6. What moral code might those students be following?

I would hesitate to assume that their cheating is necessarily a function of their moral code. I would imagine that many of them subscribe generally to the same moral code as mine but that,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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