Moral Sentiment Philosophy Morality Essay

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Therefore exercising moral judgment revolve around taking an evaluative perspective that filters out the experienced distorting effects of personal prejudice and self-interest even on involving affective modes of consciousness. Hume argues that on considering an action or a character in general, failing to refer from our specific interest, it creates that sentiment or feeling, just as denominating it as morally good or evil. In terms of judging quality of character or an action, empathy inform us the pain or pleasure that is generated by the object for the individual that is in possession of it as well as individuals affected by it, (Krause, Sharon, 2013). As pleasure continue to stimulate a positive affective response, or approval; the stimulation of pain is aversion, or disapproval.

Is this account of morality convincing?

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Yes, it is convincing in that it makes sure that human being's judgment has been shaped just through sentiments that are capable of endorsement in a correct structured generalized standpoint. Likewise, to register the pleasures and pains of the affected individuals, it is important to ask about their merit such as whether the sentiments have a reflection of an exact understanding of the available facts. Moral sentiments, of course, need a decisive evaluation of its own sources via the reflective stance of the generalized standpoint (iterative). Therefore, the moral sentiment exercise provide a platform for reaching an impersonal assessments of right as well as wrong in terms of a reflective, impartial lay down feelings. What can be endorsed inside this generalized standpoint is what is supposed to be done.


In summary, critics term Hume as an unmitigated moral relativist due to the fact that he believes that morality is founded on personal feelings, which widely vary from one person to the other. However, this does not form Hume's perspective since moral sentiments tend to be a special feeling.


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