Moral Theory and Virtue Ethics Essay

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However, the desire to do the act must be exhibited through a moral virtue habit. Therefore, moral virtue is different from intellectual virtue, because the desire differs from the reason. Thus, just as the desire is a human action principle as far as reason is concerned, moral habits must be considered virtues as they conform to reason.

Traits that have been thought to be virtues








What traits do you find most important in your personal relationships?

A positive attitude is directly linked to a better personal relationship, greater success, and superior health. A positive attitude can boost my energy, inspire relationships, increase my inner strength, and generate the fortitude needed to counter challenges. In most cases, positive thinking heightens one's lifespan, reduce distress levels, reduce depression, and give me greater resistance to common colds, offer physical well-being, and better psychological health. All these will allow me cope well in times of stress and hardships in my personal relationships. A positive attitude can lead to a good interpersonal relationship both at the professional and personal levels. Negative attitudes could result in the lack of trust in a relationship. This trait is mostly established via parental training or from peer groups (Vaughn, 2013).

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One's attitude towards other people can help to establish whether the individual will be a failure or a success in relationships. People prefer dealing with individuals who are honest and can be trusted. They also want partners who are responsible and reliable. Personal relationships work best when both partners are kind, trustworthy, and considerate. Besides, if a person acts in an obnoxious manner towards other, he/she might end up without any friends.


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Essay on Moral Theory and Virtue Ethics Assignment

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