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A war justified with falsehoods, conceived in confusion, and carried out in arrogance has now degenerated into chaos. Yet the war's neoconservative defenders still cite Iraq as the archetypal action in America's mission of freedom

Bush's claim that the war in Iraq is about freedom is nothing more than a smokescreen to the public to hide the fact that he is using millions of dollars in American tax dollars to promote the attack against political figures who did not get along with his father. His quest for personal vendetta has failed to provide the happiness that he promised the American people when he took office.

"If Iraq is the best example of the Bush doctrine, pre-emptive and mostly unilateral war has become the preferred means of defending freedom. Many have rightly pointed out that having a mission of freedom is not a new idea in American history. But John Winthrop's "city on a hill" points more to a strategy of leading by example. America's slow and steady progress toward freedom and human rights for all its citizens has indeed had a profound influence on the cause of liberty around the world. In contrast to Winthrop, Bush offers a rocket launcher on a hill

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The Bush doctrine means new threats toward Syria, Iran, and any other regime that doesn't toe the U.S. line. Even democratic reformers in those countries worry about becoming new victims of the U.S. mission. Ugly Saudi despots rich in oil and friendships with the Bush family likely will be exempt while the civilian populations of other repressive regimes will suffer most from U.S. military action. There has still been almost no serious media discussion of tens of thousands of civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan

In 1993, the Clinton Administration placed troops in Mogadishu to disarm warlord Muhammad One of the most obvious indicators that Bush lacked moral and ethics was his decision to go to war in Iraq.

Term Paper on Morality of the George Bush Assignment

'Simply calling President Bush's attack on Iraq a just war does not make it so. In fact, as you should well know, this situation fails every test of just war doctrine.

Bush's failure to comport with just war doctrine has been pointed out by nearly every authority on the subject, including the Pope and most religious leaders. In declaring this a "just war," the editorial board not only assumes a greater moral authority than the Pope, but declares its own perception of morality in this regard to be not only at odds with, but superior to, the teachings of St. Augustine and the innumerable scholars who have studied and refined the Just War Doctrine over the last 1,500-plus years. That's rather arrogant, even for the Wisconsin State Journal, don't you think?

" 'If George W. Bush were a judge, and if Saddam Hussein were a common criminal brought before him, Bush would be duty-bound to recuse himself from the case. Bush himself has said on record that "given the opportunity I would take [Hussein] out, because he tried to kill my dad." As it is, Bush is judge, jury and executioner over Saddam Hussein, and it doesn't look as if he will step aside any time soon. The American system of checks and balances has failed. In opposition to how our system of government was designed, we have given unlimited war powers to one man, and we can do nothing to stop it

This creates an atmosphere for a non-scrupled politician such as Bush to use his power to pursue personal goals instead of the good of the whole or the greater good has been suggested by many political philosophers to show morality and ethics.

Some experts point to other moral and ethical issues that the Bush administration deals with to illustrate the lack of moral or ethical strength. The American public is no longer happy, Bin Laden is still out there, and Bush is quickly losing favor with those who were supportive only a short while ago. This can be attributed to Bush's failure to follow even the most basic of ethical or moral standards when it comes to the political arena

Even if one leaves the war out of the equation, Bush fails miserably when it comes to the moral or ethical barometer of politics. He leans so obviously toward conservative, Christian beliefs that he makes it clear there is no room for diversity in his mind. This is interesting considering this nation was founded on the right to religious freedom

"G.W. even claimed his favorite political philosopher was Jesus Christ, hardly a "subliminal" nod to the Christian Coalition types. Bush isn't likely to pick a real political philosopher like James Madison, whom Bush believes invented the light bulb. In fact, Jesus is probably the only "philosopher" G.W. knows by name."


One of the greatest acts of disservice that has been done to the American public by Bush is the way he made the nation look to the rest of the world.

"Truth has been hijacked to serve a megalomaniacal agenda. That whole nations are being trampled in a zeal for expressing political might. That the U.S. image in the world is being smeared by the very people who are leading this country. That their actions are unconstitutional, immoral, and criminal. In short, they deserve worse than being voted out of office, they deserve to be impeached and many ought to be in jail.

If lying about sex is impeachable, lying to create a war is 1000 times more impeachable

There are several things that the Bush administration lied about to the American people. This not only showed a lack of morality and ethics on the part of the administration, but also served to undermine the confidence that the American people had in the administration at one point. Some of the things that the people of America were lied to about include:

"Iraq was seeking Uranium - FALSE

Iraq was harboring al-Qaida members - FALSE, while an al Qaeda group had established itself in Northern Iraq, they were located in the "no-fly zone" area of Northern Iraq which the U.S. was patrolling and protecting, and in which the Iraqi government had little sway. Of course since the war al Qaeda may have sent many people there to take advantage of the chaos, but that's after the U.S. created that chaos under false pretenses.

Iraq had gassed its civilians and was an imminent threat to its neighbors - TRUE/FALSE, while the actions Iraq had taken in the past were true, it was not an imminent threat nor did its neighbors believe it to be an imminent threat

Iraq had extensive chemical and biological weapons programs in operation and being hidden from the eye of U.N. inspectors - FALSE

The launching of pre-emptive war is morally unjust, and completely unfit for a country such as the U.S.

Launching war in Iraq increased, rather than decreased, danger to the U.S. By splitting our forces from the active and present danger

When Bush launched the war he did so in the face of many nations that had formerly supported the U.S. political endeavors. Those nations had their confidence in America shaken to the core, and today, they are less apt to come to America's aid if the need arises in another situation.

"Launching the war in Iraq distracted the U.S. from the real danger, al Qaeda, giving the al Qaeda operation time to reform itself. Further the war only served to justify the claims of al Qaeda and has served more as a recruitment boon for al Qaeda. Making so many blatant lies has hurt U.S. credibility

Aristotle proposed several extremely telling theories when it came to political issues. He underscored the importance of the good of the whole, over the good of the individual for the best standard of living to exist.

"Our purpose is to consider what form of political community is best of all for those who are most able to realize their ideal of life. We must therefore examine not only this but other constitutions, both such as actually exist in well-governed states, and any theoretical forms which are held in esteem; that what is good and useful may be brought to light. And let no one suppose that in seeking for something beyond them we are anxious to make a sophistical display at any cost;… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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