Moreau's Dilemma Matt Case Study

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¶ … Moreau's Dilemma Case Study

Matt's Dilemma

At present, Bantings Department Store is seeking out a highly-qualified, tenacious candidate with a good instinct for public relations to serve as the new customer service manager. The recruit will be specifically in charge of developing new programs to improve how the company interacts with the public, including store layout. Although the company usually has a policy of preferring college graduates for highly visible positions, the primary skill set needed for this new occupation is an instinct for how to deal with the public or 'people smarts.'

Sally Armitage seems to ideally fit the bill. She has worked in a wide variety of company positions, understands its outlook, and has turned around some low-performing divisions in the past. She comes highly recommended by Tony Abbot and her colleagues, based upon her track record. Virtually everything she has touched on the company's behalf has 'turned to gold' All of this is proof of her potential to succeed in a more prominent managerial position. Armitage may lack a college degree, but has ample experience in the 'school of life.'Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Case Study on Moreau's Dilemma Case Study Matt's Dilemma at Assignment

The concerns about Armitage that have been raised are extremely problematic. First and foremost, they were delivered by someone who, by his own admission, has a vested interest in Armitage remaining in her current position. Although Tony Abbott joked about Armitage being a 'traitor,' he clearly would lose a highly talented and qualified person in his region if she was promoted. Secondly, Abbott's concerns sound slightly patronizing, such as his fear that the long commute might be too much for Sally. Abbott's comment about the fact that she has a child could be viewed as a violation of anti-discrimination laws, given that it sounds like he is encouraging the company to discriminate against her, based upon her care-giving responsibilities. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): "Relevant evidence in charges alleging disparate treatment of female caregivers may include, but is not limited to, any of the following: Whether the respondent asked female applicants, but not male applicants, whether they were married or had young children, or about their childcare and other care giving responsibilities" (Enforcement guidelines, 2011, EEOC)

Discriminating against an employee because they have been ill is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Unless Sally's health is so poor she cannot… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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