Essay: Most Significant Social Impact in Sports

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¶ … twentieth century, sports remained a predominantly localized activity. Even the ancient Greek Olympics did not draw players or fans from around the globe, only within the Aegean region. Globalization, urbanization, and new forms of communication and transportation have changed everything about sports.

Globalization has transformed the nature of team spirit itself, helping to erase cultural and national boundaries in sports. Especially evident in American baseball and in international soccer, globalization has created teams and fan bases that are comprised of diverse people. Those teams and their fans buy into a manufactured identity, one that can be traced to the same basic marketing principles used in branding. Teams are branded products. In this way, teams have become commodified entities not unlike the sporting gear and alcoholic beverages peddled at sporting events.

Marketing has also expanded the target market for sports. Once a primarily male pastime, spectator sports are now enjoyed by scores of female viewers. Females, like males, watch sports with primarily male participants, too. Globalization and its aftereffects are directly responsible for reaching out to new and untapped fan bases. Marketing tactics such as… [END OF PREVIEW]

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