Mothers and Daughters Research Paper

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Adaptation of Identifying Relationships of Mothers and Daughters

Even with the fact that mothers and daughters in the contemporary society appear to have strong relationships, it would be difficult and almost impossible for someone to ignore the generational gap between the two groups. As much as both mothers and daughters prefer to believe that they are best friends, they often come across differences owed to the way they perceive particular ideas. It would obviously be wrong to generalize when considering this discussion, but it is nonetheless safe to say that mothers and daughters are divided by a series of concepts that are mainly related to the way the generation corresponding to each group perceives society.

While the generational gap can play an important factor in differentiating between how mothers and daughters think, there are a series of other elements that might interfere with the way that two different individuals see the world. Cultural values are also especially important when considering different types of thinking, with mothers who were born and raised in different cultural environments in comparison to their daughters finding it difficult to project their teachings onto their children. Similarly, daughters have trouble adapting to a lifestyle that their parents attempt to get them accustomed with, as their friends and the cultural values they come across while not at home are in sharp contrast to these.

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Amy Tan's 1989 novel "The Joy Luck Club" provides an intriguing view in the mother-daughter relationship. The fact that her characters are divided between two worlds (the mothers are born in China and the daughters in the U.S.) contributes to the intriguing nature of the book. All across the novel narrators emphasize the difficulty associated with trying to translate seemingly simple ideas from one culture to another. The fact that both the mothers and the daughters are lost in translation when attempting to put across their points-of-view makes it difficult for them to truly understand each-other.

Research Paper on Mothers and Daughters Assignment

Jing-Mei Woo is a central character in Amy Tan's novel and she is Suyuan Woo's daughter. The girl finds it difficult to ignore the cultural differences between her and her mother and actually seems to have a complex understanding of both and her mother's frustration. "They see daughters who grow impatient when their mothers talk in Chinese, who think they are stupid when they explain things in fractured English." (Tan, 41) In a way mothers seem to be saddened as a consequence of observing how their daughters have no interest in their family's… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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